Got an early start this morning…

I went to do chicken chores a little before seven, then straight up the Bumpy Road and across the plateau to T&S’s place. Happily the Jeep is currently in good health more or less, notwithstanding the bits that keep falling off the body.

T&S went off on a trip sometime late yesterday and their dogs were in a rather pathetic state of meltdown. I expected that, one reason I wanted to visit them early. Got them propitiated and the horse fed, then went straight up to the woodlot by way of the Lair to pick up the generator.

I could have put more in the trailer but the more I haul the more I have to stack, so I took the extra time to cut up more pallets.

As expected, my once-impressive collection of pallets is melting away. I believe I have enough to last through next winter but no more. Have to get more proactive about collection, but alas the building boom of several years ago is no more so I don’t have neighbors clamoring for me to take them away.

But I’m making good progress in refilling the woodshed. I’m officially more than half done with the minimum I pledged to do, and it’s only the second of October.

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7 Responses to Got an early start this morning…

  1. Mike says:

    Reading your entries about daily life in the gulch reminds me of an old Zen quote:

    “Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.”

    You might not think so, but unlike many people, you are living in the moment. Failing to live in the moment is one of the major problems we face today. There is too much worry about things not in our control when in reality no matter what goes on in the world, life happens.

  2. Robert says:

    Two words: Solar Heat.

    My Zen version: Sleep ’till you’re hungry. Eat ’till you’re tired. 🙂

  3. Ben says:

    This has been on the back of my mind all day… So should pallets become unavailable, do you have a plan B fuel source?

  4. Joel says:

    Sure. In the short term, juniper. I plan to go on Social Security when I’m 70, and may get really prosperous and lazy and look for a way to put a propane heater in the main room.

    Even if I do that, there are people with cutting leases elsewhere who sell firewood in the town nearest where I live, presumably to old people like me. I don’t have the money for anything like that now but I would if I were pulling down a couple grand a month on SS. Something will work out.

  5. beaner49 says:

    Bass Pro shop has reconditioned Mr. Buddy 9000 btu heaters for $50. Reg $75 new.
    With use of the lower settings you can go all night on very little propane.
    Spend some of the money saved on connectors to refill the small cans from a big bottle.
    More economies of scale will kick in not paying the small bottle prices

  6. Norman says:

    Mr. Buddy has a 10 ft hose kit to connect their heaters to a larger tank. Mine runs off a 20lb tank just fine, but I do keep a few 1 lb tanks filled with the adapter gizmo in case I need portability.

  7. bill says:

    Around these parts, the “Free” section of Craigslist can frequently net you good wood for burning.

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