Great morning for a bike ride…

Hardly beautiful, will probably rain later. But it’s still cool and first thing in the morning there’s no wind to speak of.

And for the first time this year I rode the bike from Ian’s to town to Ian’s, no cheating. First time in the year it always seems like such a big deal, so I have to psych myself up to do it and rediscover that it really isn’t. The fat bike is so much easier to use on rough roads, and of course I’m not working myself into arrhythmia pedaling up hills. But still: 10+ miles going, and…

…11+ miles coming back. There’s juice left in the battery at the end but you want to make sure you start with a full charge unless you want to get out and push on the last serious upgrade. That bar graph charge indicator is imprecise to say the least. It’ll say there’s plenty of charge left when in fact you no longer have the full 750 watts available – and you’ll find out about that at the worst time in the worst way. And I don’t think Lance Armstrong could get that big heavy bike up that particular hill without help from the motor. With help, even the stiff old one-legged guy can do it.

Also, ow my butt.

Got back to Ian’s and found that I had a boarder who was unhappy with the accommodations!

Somebody’s looking for nesting material. That’s not good: I don’t want to spend the summer hunting down a new generation of indoor mice. Thought about moving the one active kitchen trap to the bathroom, only to find…

…that a pregnant female mouse had taken the bait at last. (chicken skin. Never fails for long.) Is it the same pregnant female mouse? Time will tell, but clearly the warm season contest is on. I’d love to know how they’re getting into the Cave this time.

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  1. Ben says:

    Useful things, those e-bikes are! Where I live, they have become very common, and are seemingly on their way to ubiquity.

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