Gun dealers to anti-gun nuts: Thank you!

‘Yuge’ March for estimated gun sales

Estimated gun sales eclipsed historic highs in March, according to federal data.

Applications submitted to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System exceeded 2.7 million last month — the busiest March on record and the third highest ranking month since the FBI began keeping track in 1998.

Estimated gun sales — the sum total of transfers in the NICS’s handgun, long gun, multiple and other categories — totaled 1.4 million, an 11 percent spike over last year and 16 percent above 2016, the busiest year ever for background checks.


And while we’re at it…

Enjoy your new government-mandated transparency, Davey.


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One Response to Gun dealers to anti-gun nuts: Thank you!

  1. Bill T says:

    That’s not counting people like me that can buy with out a check. In Nebraska if you have a sheriff issued pistol purchase permit or your concealed carry you don’t need the FBI check. So when ever I see the numbers I know it’s a lot higher.

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