Ha ha! Oh, that’s rich.

Apparently the fourth amendment, a dead letter for you and me, is still supposed to apply for the benefit of the rich’n’famous.

Was it legal for the FBI to expand the Weiner email search to target Hillary Clinton’s emails?

If these facts so far are accurate, the FBI may have violated the Fourth Amendment in expanding the investigation from Weiner to Clinton. Here’s the problem. If the FBI was searching Weiner’s computer, it presumably had a warrant authorizing the search of the computer only for Weiner’s communications with underage girls. If that is correct, going from that narrow search to a broader search of Clinton’s emails raises two potential problems for the FBI.

But what if it’s for the children?

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5 Responses to Ha ha! Oh, that’s rich.

  1. M Ryan says:

    On the plus side this makes for interesting news coverage and a potential plot for a movie of the week.

  2. Bear says:

    TGIANAL, but the “plain sight” rule should apply. Assuming a warrant to search folders and files for criminal activity, if they ran across something else while looking…

    “Your Honor, the police only had a warrant to search my house for my husband’s crystal meth. Therefore, the baggies of my heroin they found with the meth must be excluded.”

    “Lady, are you shooting for an appeal based on incompetent counsel?”

  3. Mike says:

    we have pop corn and beer ready. Fact is, my main prep items are pop corn and beer so we’re ready for anything. Glad your shoulder is improving.

  4. Judy says:

    It ain’t over until the fat lady sings and I’m not singing until Crooked Cankles and Company are behind bars.

    Mike, we going to do some of that popcorn Chicago style? Not much of a beer drinker, so I will bring my own drinking material.

  5. Mike says:

    Judy, we have provisions to make really loud popcorn. I try to keep the beer away from the loud popcorn machine……..

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