Have you ever been stuck away from home…

…and found yourself obsessing about some extremely minor chore you probably wouldn’t even do if you were there?

For me, last month that was sharpening my splitting axe. I can think of almost anything better to do than file an axe blade. As a result, this past winter I did notice that things had gotten pretty damned dull – not that it matters most of the time because I mostly only use it to split already-cut lumber. I might or might not have ever gotten around to putting an edge on it before next winter. But I think I must have watched a solid 10% of the “how to sharpen an axe” videos on YouTube – and in case you didn’t know, that’s a lot. I came home completely pumped to fix my splitting axe.

And sonuvagun, I really did buy a new bastard file at the hardware store this morning and blow a couple of hours at the bench vice in the afternoon sun, finally doing a number on my axe edge.

If this axehead could talk, I’d ask it how it ended up lying all by itself out in the desert until I almost literally stumbled over it something like 10 years ago. It’s beat to hell, it might possibly be older than I am, but it’s a good axe for all that.

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One Response to Have you ever been stuck away from home…

  1. Waepnedmann says:

    You may be surprised at how valuable is that axe.
    They are collectible.
    Do a little research and you might have something more than a common tool.

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