Havin’ a heat wave…

Got well into the nineties indoors and out yesterday, with nary a breath of wind. Got some yard work done early but spent the bulk of the day indoors reading E. E. Smith and drinking water. Once the sun approached the horizon we took the party outdoors…

…really for the first time this year because the flying/biting bugs started the season in an aggressive mood. Not so bad last night, thankfully. Tobie, who doesn’t seem to suffer from the heat as much as LB and TB did but definitely doesn’t prefer it, got with the program immediately and just quietly kept me company till we went back indoors well after dark.

Speaking of the heat…

…I got that new cooler just in time. The first wave of the heat wave, I went through two ice bottles daily. This morning there was still a bit of ice in the bottle after 24 hours. So that worked.

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3 Responses to Havin’ a heat wave…

  1. Ben says:

    Excellent! A 50% reduction in ice usage represents a serious energy savings, not to mention a savings in shoe leather because you will be making fewer trips to the cave for ice.

    I imagine that you find a good use for that cold melt water in the bottle. 😀

  2. WJW says:

    Which EE are you reading

  3. Joel says:

    Finishing up Grey Lensman.

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