Headlines that make you say, “Dude. The crack pipe. Back away.”

This may actually need to be a TUAK feature for a while. There are clearly “journalists” out there who have lost what little of their minds they had previously retained.

Get a load of this:

Donald Trump’s Congressional Lackeys are Threatening Washington DC’s Gun Laws

Normally I don’t suggest you actually go read these things, but this particular piece in Newsweek is a laugh riot.

Opposed robustly by Congress, which, despite home rule, controls the District’s budget and governs many of the city’s operational functions, the laws managed to survive all but a single challenge concerning an individual’s right to own a handgun, which D.C. fought all the way to the Supreme Court, eventually losing in 2008.

Even so, the District of Columbia has laws enforcing—among other things—substantial waiting periods for gun purchases and effective safety features on all guns. It also prohibits ownership of assault weapons. And while gun violence does still plague the city—in 2015, 121 of D.C.’s 162 murders were committed with a firearm—the solution would seem to be harsher restrictions on gun ownership in adjacent states, not easier access to weapons in D.C.

Now Congress has decided to reassert its authority over the District, threatening to force D.C. to repeal its gun control laws. While the legislation hasn’t stopped gun violence in the city, it has kept it from raging as it did in the past.

Enjoy – unless you’re suffering a touchy stomach this morning, in which case you may want to give it a miss.

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One Response to Headlines that make you say, “Dude. The crack pipe. Back away.”

  1. None says:

    Forgetteth not, in D.C. anything except non-semi-auto tubular magazine .22s that couldhold more than 12 rounds is one of those sooper-dedly “‘Salt Weapons.”

    Good frickin’ luck imposing any degree of rationality on that sort of $%@#.

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