Heard at a Tractor…

M: (After replacing the fuel filter) “Think we can start it up now?”

Me: “Can’t hurt to try.”

Tractor: Crankcrankcrankcrank…crank…crank.

Me: “Stop. Memory kicking in. I suddenly recall that with real diesels, you can’t start the engine after opening the fuel system without highly intricate bleeding procedures.”

M: (Goes and gets the manual) “Holy crap! Dig this: ‘Open and bleed the filter housing, the fuel pump, the injector pump, each fuel injector…’ We could build a tractor with less effort than this!”

Me: “Uh…heh. Belated memories are a terrible thing…”

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5 Responses to Heard at a Tractor…

  1. Mayberry says:

    Heh heh heh… A tip for next time: fill the filter full of fuel before installing. Saves a mountain of trouble…

  2. Ayep.
    If it still doesn’t want to start, crack open a couple lines and then crank it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Just spray a little ether in there!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I just replaced the mechanical fuel pump (Chev 6.2 diesel Blazer) with a electric one.

    After assembling everything I cracked a couple of lines at the injectors. (one on each side). Then I found the fuel return hose, (all diesels have one) and used my portable compressor at 4lb pressure to pressurize the system till fuel leaked out of the open injectors.

    Got in and with about 15 seconds it started right up. Ran rough for a few seconds then smoothed right out.


  5. KurtP says:

    We usually have some kind of compressor around, so when something like that happens we pressurize the tank (a rag gasket is a good pressure regulator).
    Crack the farthest fittings until you see wet, then tighten up, just watch out for backsplash when you unpressure it.

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