Here’s a reason to watch the debate!

I’ve never actually played a drinking game in my life, but this one looks like fun and it’s guaranteed to hospitalize you with alcohol poisoning.

Prior to the debate, put a loaded shot glass on each square. When you hear the word, DRINK.

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You shouldn't ask these questions of a paranoid recluse, you know.
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3 Responses to Here’s a reason to watch the debate!

  1. Bear says:

    “guaranteed to hospitalize you”

    Only if the morgue is in your local hospital. Great Ghu, Joel! I couldn’t drink like that even back in what passed for my prime. And I sure as hell can’t afford that much alcohol these days.

    Oh, wait… Only one shot per word/phrase; not the usual “every time they say it” ground rules.

    Still not sure that’s survivable anymore. For me, anyway. If I could afford booze. If you regain consciousness in a few days, let me know how the debate went.

  2. Buck says:

    I am SOOOOOOOOOOO glad I quit drinking. I would have tried this. I’m not ready to meet God yet.

  3. Teresa Sue says:

    Roflol. Oh, that is just funny. 😉

To the stake with the heretic!