Here’s proof that we’re not a government.

Landlady said she wants to close Gitmo, and so we closed Gitmo. Tore it right out of the ground, in fact.

Well, most of it. As proof that after we’ve betrayed the revolution we’ll be twice the government the old one ever was, (If I escape Claire’s guillotine, that is,) we’re raising in its place TWO gitmos! Yes! Gitmo Poco (on the old location) and Gitmo Nuevo! (at the Secret Lair.)

Seriously, Landlady’s talked about building a big chicken coop where Gitmo and the Big Doghouse currently are for just the longest time. For almost as long I hoped thought she was kidding. Not so, it seems. We tore out all the fencing except in the rear, moved the big gate to a new location, and I’ll be moving all the surplus material to the Lair and fencing in the front yard so the boys still have a safe place when I’m not around.

More work. Yay. But I was wondering how I’d accomplish that fence thing, and now I know. I’m also desperately thankful that Gulchendiggensmoothen is behaving himself, because digging fenceposts out of their concrete graves would have been a hellacious amount of work by hand. With a ginormous backhoe, it’s just good noisy fun. Although (private to Landlady) it turns out there was a conduit right next to that middle post in front. Operative word is “was.” I think the wires go to the old fifth-wheel.

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3 Responses to Here’s proof that we’re not a government.

  1. gooch says:

    Of course you realize that FEMA must come inspect any new -p-r-i-s-o-n– er … uhm … containment facilities construction right? {rolls eyes}

    Maybe this should go to the TIS site but I would be willing to trade some frn’s for any of those travel trailers that LandLady wants to be rid of … PM’s at that other place if interested ?

    I don’t have lots [frn’s] BUT I’m willing to remove the evidence as soon as it’s street legal so I can do so. [lights, etc]

    stay safe,


  2. Anonymous says:

    Very interesting that you referred to Gulchendiggensmoothen as a he. I would have assumed, with all the problems it’s presented, that you would refer to it as a she. Way too much time on my hands.

  3. Joel says:

    If I ever met any female creature remotely like Gulchendiggensmoothen, at any age at all, I would flee in shrieking terror. Any man as geriatric as he, on the other hand, is bound to be a bit cantankerous and so the notion does not upset me.

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