He’s found something he wants to herd, for sure…

I think this has become Laddie’s favorite part of the day. Gods help us all if I change my habits.

Laddie sheds constantly, fine little undercoat hairs damn near impossible to sweep up. It’s basically his superpower. So he’s only allowed on the bed when the blankets are pulled back and I’m right there. Since lately I’ve taken to spending the last hour or two reading in bed, that means he gets to actually lay on the bed right next to Uncle Joel, a practice of which he approves.

So last evening I was puttering around, pulled down the blankets but wasn’t really planning to lay down yet. At some point I returned to the reading chair instead, and Laddie worked to correct my obvious error…

…and he proceeded to patterpatterpatter back and forth between the chair and the bed, never taking his eyes off me. “Come on, boy. You can do it. You’ll figure it out. Come on…”

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One Response to He’s found something he wants to herd, for sure…

  1. Zelda says:

    A large Swiffer sweeper (they come two sizes, regular and large) and refills will take care of the hair problem inexpensively. I use mine on walls, doors, wood furniture too. The handle extends so it will get under your bed where many pounds of dog hair are hiding, There are other brands, no idea if they work as well.

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