Hm. Obama’s Watergate? That would be fun…

I haven’t been following the Trump/antitrump shenanigans with any serious attention for the same reason I don’t know the latest news in the French election. But it’s becoming pretty damned unavoidable even for your friendly neighborhood desert hermit. And wouldn’t it be delicious if Wikileaks finally started making a real difference?

Wikileaks Destroys Obama – Reveals His History Of Wiretapping Friends and Rivals

It would be a lovely irony if the guy with “the most transparent administration in history” tore down his own ‘legacy’ while trying to preserve it by pulling a Richard Nixon.



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3 Responses to Hm. Obama’s Watergate? That would be fun…

  1. Ben says:

    I don’t see the parallel to Watergate. Watergate involved a sitting President, and it was indeed a scandal powerful enough to knock that bastard out of the White House. That made it important.

    On the other hand, Obama (courtesy of the 22nd Amendment) has already been knocked out of the White House. There is no point in expending the energy to drive metaphorical wooden stakes through his heart. Politically speaking, just like every other ex-President in my lifetime, Obama is dead and gone.

    We may as well go back to arguing and tweeting about the size of Trump’s inaugural crowd, because it makes just as much sense, and will do just as much good.

  2. Ben says:

    I meant to add. Watergate makes me think of James Taylor.

  3. There is no point in expending the energy to drive metaphorical wooden stakes through his heart.

    Point? How ’bout the tears of millions of snowflakes to flavor my gin? The ‘pops’ of ‘splodey precious little heads going off – little flashes of unicorn poop – over the course of the months it takes to pillory him and the horse he rode in on. Getting to watch the old crocodile Schumer squeeze out another dusty tear and having Pelosi go off into real gibberish and seeing her led away by nice men in white jackets. Additional time for Hillary when it’s discovered that she directly colluded in the venture. Just a few points to at least consider.

    Yours is the more mature and reasonable suggestion, Ben – and the most likely to instill some small degree of civility to the fracas – so there’s that.

    The litter of the previous admins is heavy on the landscape and this little scrap won’t make much difference – but if he sowed it he might as well reap it. He could do something useful and be a cautionary tale. It’s for the children. As they say – “for the encouragement of others.”

To the stake with the heretic!