Holy crap. Major Rule 4 violation gets cop shot

This paradigm has been shifting so quietly and so gradually I’m always surprised when somebody shoots a cop in self-defense and gets released without charge.

Early in the morning of October 10th, 2018, a young police officer and an armed Kentucky homeowner were involved in a shootout. The officer was searching near a fenced area on the homeowner’s property for a suspect he had been chasing when things went south.

David Turley, the homeowner, saw suspicious activity in his backyard at around 6 a.m. What he didn’t know was that it was Zachary Morris, 23, an Owensboro police officer. Turley was holding a handgun at his side. Officer Morris, seeing a person with a gun, shot at Turley, who returned fire and took cover. Morris was hit in the abdomen below his bullet-resistant vest.

Apparently the cop had a good reason to be there at least. Not sure I’d go so far as “every right,” but he was doing his job. Probably the adrenalin was running a little high? A little tunnel vision going on? Too bad they don’t train for that in those police academies we hear so much about, the ones that turn out infallibly competent paladins of justice.

Anyway, the cop saw a guy with a gun and jumped to the conclusion that this was the guy he was hunting and that he was now in a fight for his life. So instead of identifying himself or even confirming his target – something trained “civilians” have beaten into their brains because the consequences of getting it wrong are so horrifying – he just opened fire. Bad move: The “civilian” was a better shot.

David Turley was taken in for questioning but was released. At this time there have been no charges filed against Mr. Turley. The Kentucky State Police Critical Incident Response Team is now conducting an investigation into the shooting. This independent probe was requested by the Owensboro Police Department.

And this is that paradigm shift I mentioned, the first thing that came to mind when I read this article. There was a time when Turley would be looking at major time in a major pound-you-in-the-ass prison, because shooting any cop under any circumstances whatsoever had seriously existential consequences. Legitimate self defense? No such thing.

Sometimes this brave new world confuses me by doing something I don’t entirely disapprove.

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17 Responses to Holy crap. Major Rule 4 violation gets cop shot

  1. Anonymous says:

    Without intending to affix “blame” here, I’ll just point out that had the home-owner remained safely indoors and called 911 this wouldn’t have happened. Going outside, armed, in semi-darkness, to “investigate” unknown activity is just asking for trouble and hardly defended by “standing my ground” arguments.

    Glad it appears to have worked out OK . . . so far.

  2. Joel says:

    Decades of accepting the advice and sometimes the mandate to “remain safely indoors and call 911” is how we got into this ridiculous situation in the first place. We’re Americans, we’re not supposed to go through life fat, stupid and dependent.

  3. Paul Joat says:

    I’m not going to be calling the cops just because I heard a noise, I don’t want them there and even if I did there is little or no chance they will show up soon enough to be of any use.

    Joel, “We’re Americans, we’re not supposed to go through life fat, stupid and dependent.” there are lots of people who would argue that. 🙂

  4. Andrew says:

    First. Well, yes, the homeowner could have retreated, but there is no requirement to run away and call 911. Remember, this was not an ‘imminent threat’ situation (seriously, guy with gun outside not attacking isn’t a rush situation) thus it would be a low to mid priority call, where 911 response time is measured in the 10s to 30s of minutes, at least, if the police respond at all.

    Second. Where is the announcing and identifying one as a police officer? It is supposed to be “Halt or I’ll shoot” not shoot, then “Halt!” Bad on the cop.

    Third. Homeowner has the right to defend himself. He didn’t shoot first. He waited until sumdood fired, then plugs the target. Which is pretty much the definition of self defense.

    Good for him. Now do this to more ‘no-knock’ warrants (where the police bust in without announcing their presence.) I am all for traditional warrants, done legally and correctly. But no-knockers? That is right up there with what King George and his merry men were doing that touched off the American Revolution.

    Notice the real thing here. The homeowner fired. Once. Hitting the cop. Once. Target neutralized. He did not keep spraying the target like the police tend to do. One shot, one neutralization.

    Good for the common man.

  5. Mark Matis says:

    Please note the the homeowner says the Oinker fired four shots at him before he fired his first shot.

    I wonder if piggy had a body camera, and if it was turned on? Or if it has “accidentally” been erased?

  6. Erik says:

    Tough situation for the homeowner as I suspect he didn’t wake up the next day with everything being wonderful. No blame or judgement on him from me. If someone fires rounds at me, firsts I hoe they miss and second I hope I don’t.

    My daughter is in college right now in a criminal justice program against my wishes but certainly with my approval. She knows how strong I am with private property rights and the endowed rights we as citizens have (and cannot be dismissed by mere government). She, as everyone around here does, calls first before coming over as she knows my first thought to out-of-place sounds is threat and not a solicitor (they don’t venture out here). I hope her knowing that not everyone she will be around are sheeple is beat into her at this point and some are more ready than a police academy can possibly make them.

    Now granted, where I live I don’t have neighbors or people out walking their dogs to the Starbucks, Apple store or otherwise mindless robot hangouts. It is miles to the first street light. If there is a noise outside and you are not expecting company it is either an animal that should be dealt with or a bad guy.

    I hate to say it, but police need to learn that the world is not theirs to just do what they choose and go wherever they please. Even if they think they are in the right according to their laws. Laws don’t protect the dead, at that point nothing can.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I’d point out a few more facts here, but I can see the hairy-chested he-man’s club is in full swing so i’ll just go away. Excuse the hell out of me.

  8. Kentucky says:

    I don’t know why I was identified as “Anonymous” but I’ll take credit for my posts above.

    In case something’s still messed up, I’m Kentucky,.

  9. Erik says:

    Hey Kentucky – speak your mind. No need to go away or excuse yourself.

  10. Joel says:

    🙂 Well done, Kentucky.

  11. coloradohermit says:

    Hey! We’re not all hairy-chested he-mans.

  12. deleted says:

    Ditto what CH said above. ^ I am with the “he shot first not me” crowd. I live out in the country, too. Strange sounds or movement, especially anything that switches on the security lights, and the first thing I reach for is a weapon. Sheriff is at least 15 minutes away, usually more than half hour. I see someone on my land, armed, I am not hiding on why own property, hoping the sheriff makes it there before the intruder does. And when they take a shot at me, I aim to kill them just as soon as possible. NO ONE has the right to take a shot at me just because I am armed. I have the right to defend myself. And although I have curly hair, I am neither hairy-chested nor a he-man. **

  13. Mark Matis says:

    Kentucky disagrees, deleted. And Jerry Waller of Dallas proves you are wrong. At least, according to “Law Enforcement” and the “Legal” system. Of course, he never had a chance to fire a shot, after they riddled him with bullets. Just as they did to Andrew Lee Scott of Lake County, Florida. Murdered in his own home at 1:30 in the morning. He made the mistake of having a gun in his hand when he went to the door of his apartment where someone unknown was pounding loudly WITHOUT announcing that they were “Law Enforcement”. The oinker who killed him claimed otherwise, but his partner refused to corroborate that lie. Of course, Deputy Richard Sylvester is still with the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, but his partner is no longer there.

  14. Kentucky says:

    I’ll speak for myself if you don’t mind, Matis.

    Folks would do well do READ the posted link and get their facts straight about who shot at whom and how many times, etc.

    That said, I’m outta this one.

  15. Anon says:

    So to recap. The officer without warning fires twice at man in his own garden simply be abuse he was holding a gun. Man fires back 4 times as he doesn’t know it is a police officer. Police officer is hit. Had the officer had the foresight to shout a warning then in all probability the man would have replied its my house and the gunfight avoided. Clearly the officer was at fault.

  16. Mark Matis says:

    You might also want to READ that posted link, Kentucky. Then BIOYFA.

  17. Joel says:

    Boys! Don’t make me stop this car and come back there.

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