Home grain milling revisited

In our last exciting episode I mentioned that the flour on the new mill’s “bread” setting came out quite gritty. Somebody asked if it might not be possible to run the flour through the mill again.

Possible but not optimal. The already-ground flour really didn’t want to leave the hopper, which is designed for grain and to prevent anybody from accidentally/on purpose grinding a finger. If you stand there and shake the mill while it’s grinding you can help the process proceed – but it goes really slow. And the moment you stop, so does the grinding.

(This didn’t come out well due to the sunshine) And while you’re shaking, the lid is likely to come loose on the receiver bowl. You won’t like it when the lid comes loose on the receiver bowl.

I ground this one finer than last time, and I’m going to take some counsel and let the doughball sit refrigerated overnight to see if it rises any better tomorrow. But I’m still not going 100% whole wheat, because baking twice in a day feels too much like baking all day.

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  1. matismf says:

    For Laddie’s entertainment:

    Sorry that “dual grind” didn’t work better!

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