How to prove you’re not a Californian!

Seriously. This is what it’s come to.

Don’t just get a post office box in Nevada. That doesn’t work and you will end up with bills for taxes, interest and penalties or worse. If you’re going to move, you need to actually do it.

Like other high tax states, California is likely to pursue you and probe how and when you stopped being a resident. Get some legal advice and plan carefully.

Sounds silly, doesn’t it? It’s serious as a heart attack, because they can follow you. You know how I’m always saying I have no driver’s license and it’s not because I’m a drunk? This is the real, no-fooling reason: California says I “owe” them money. And they’re never going to get it. Not ever. Because it’s stupid.

Yet somehow when the feds do this sort of thing, people are trained to assume it’s perfectly reasonable.

H/T to Wendy McElroy.

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