Huh? Whazzat?

Well, it’s a pretty damned poor commentary on life when our hillbilly-rigged wifi works just fine, but it says there’s no WAN to connect to. Only part of the whole kludged-together contraption that doesn’t work, and it’s the only part we actually paid to have installed. Sad, that’s all.

Yesterday afternoon the satellite took Lughnasadh off a little early, or something. Yeah, blessed be and all that, but we’re not paying the damned thing to collect seeds and mourn for the dying sun. Seems okay this morning, though.

Got some fairly good work done on the Lair yesterday morning, but came back to the Jeep to find the battery near dead. My own damned fault – it’s been cranking slow the past few days for lack of longer drives to charge it, so naturally it gave up the ghost when the Jeep was fairly deep in the boonies. Claire’s gonna come on back sometime this morning and give me a jump, but in the meantime it’s shank’s mare and like it. And I’ve got to be three different places today I’d rather not walk, since I’ve got pressure sores acting up and don’t like to walk when I can ride. Walking hurts lately.

Even so I can’t bitch too much. The Lair’s looking more like a house inside every day and less like a lazy hippy’s nightmare. I moved most of the short pieces of interior siding outside under the tarp and got things more-or-less swept out after paneling one of the bathroom walls yesterday, just so I could get a better idea how much room there’ll be. Last weekend Landlady and M brought me a big honkin’ recliner they scrounged. I set it up in the corner, sat and admired for half an hour before going out and discovering the dead battery.

I got paid for a couple of jobs on Monday, so I’ve got a little money even after paying Claire what I owed her. I can pay MK half what I still owe on the chainsaw and still have something rustling in my pocket for the wallboard I need behind the wood stove. So that’s nice. I still have a commissioned article I’ve got to sit down and write, and that’s the last big-ticket payday I have on tap so it’ll have to be enough.

But now I need to go to work on the ceiling, and that’s gonna be pure hell that’ll take several days even if I stick with it like the fanatical worker I’m not. Ah, well. I knew the job was dangerous when I took it.

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