Hummingbirds have come back to the Lair

Neighbor L had her hummingbird feeders out 2 or 3 weeks ago and said she already had a few customers, but I hadn’t seen any until this morning. I just got back from my morning walkie when I got buzzed by a hummer on the porch: “Hey, humie! I’m back. Make with the sugar water.”

Being a good and loyal subject of my tiny feathered overlords, I promptly obeyed.

I had to put a kibosh on this last year by mid-summer because they were running me right out of sugar, that being one of last year’s early shortages. But it’s back in stock at the dollar store for now and not (yet) at absurd prices. So I may as well oblige the hummers before they get violent.

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One Response to Hummingbirds have come back to the Lair

  1. Our hummers showed up around the beginning of April. I’m fairly sure they were making their way further north. I can tell from the feeders going down that they’re around, but I haven’t actually seen that many. Hoping for another banner year.

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