I am not interest it.

Since changing email addresses there’s been a (small, so far) downside I was too clueless to anticipate: I’ve re-entered the world of email spam. And since the new address is technically or at least sounds like a business address, it’s “business” spam. I guess. Sort of. If seriously meant, it’s not very good correspondence.



Dear Manager:

Good days. So glad to introduce our company. We are special do the electric actuator: The electric actuator for the ball valve, butterfly valve, or the other part-turn valve.

The Electric actuator for the ball valve: Like the torque as the 50Nm, it is only 55.00USD/PCS, AC 110v, AC230v.

It is can part turn 0-90, 90-180, 180-270.

I would appreciate if you forward this letter to Technical Manager or to other expert responsible for technical integration of new products in your company, or provide me with his contact for we could discuss all the details of our future cooperation.

Are you interest it?

waiting for your reply.

Best regards.

Mr. Tony Kong

Global Business Development !

[Redacted Gibberish that might have meaning if you can read Chinese script]

There’s not a single misspelled word. Or a single intelligible sentence.

I can actually think of applications for electrically-actuated ball valves here, oddly enough. Not important enough to run 300 yards of wire or completely rebuild the water manifold. Plus I distrust complications built into an essential system just because it sounds kinda cool.

I also distrust spam in oh, just the worst way. But sometimes it’s funny.

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  1. Kentucky says:

    Funny thing is, that one could be legit, but the company needs to hire someone with a good command of English.

To the stake with the heretic!