I confess, it’s been bothering me.

It’s not something I normally even think about. I don’t even care. Really. It’s just…

It’s the Frickin’ Office of the Frickin’ President of the Frickin’ United States! What the hell is Justin Bieber Tommy Vietor doing there in any capacity more responsible than pizza delivery boy?


Seriously. This is what’s been running the country? This? I’ve got t-shirts older than this little cumstain. No wonder everything’s so f*cked up.

Sorry. None of my business, really. But…Dude.

I don’t like to infer from a lack of data. On the other hand I’m a blogger, so I do that all the time. Also I have hired and fired people, so here’s the way I see it. It’s the Frickin’ Office of the Frickin’ President of the Frickin’ United States. It’s a prestige gig to say the least, and you could fill every chair in it from Second Assistant Pizza Procurement Specialist to NSC Spokesvermin with rocket surgeons and brain scientists if you really wanted to. Evidence mounts that Obama has not, in fact, done anything of the sort and I have to ask why not. Judging from the evidence of his own job performance, I suggest it’s because he may be concerned that someone might, at some point, begin to suspect that he’s not exactly a philosopher-king himself. Perhaps he wants to be surrounded by people in contrast with whom he thinks he will look good.

Considering how terrible he looks, job-performance-wise, that’s … terrifying.

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6 Responses to I confess, it’s been bothering me.

  1. Wolfman says:

    Ok, I admit it- I haven’t any more clue who this kid is than I did Ronan Farrow. Apparently, some more Googling is in my future. Should I bother, or will it just muck up my blood pressure?

  2. Alien says:

    You’d actually trust this dweeb to get the pizza order right, and then delivered to the correct office?

  3. Roger says:

    I have underpants that are both older and more knowledgeable than him.

  4. zelda says:

    Dude, it will just muck up your blood pressure. According to online information he has a degree from Kenyon College in philosophy, began his career serving Obama as a press van driver, became a “media person”, worked his way up in the administration as part of a crowd of young graduates with no experience. His entire career seems to have been focused on press relations and media manipulation, and he apparently was chosen for the NSC job because of his press relationships. His job performance was wonderful, according to all of his supervisors. (You don’t ever want to be smarter than your boss.) As a van driver, he got all of Obama’s people where they needed to be without anyone getting hurt. He was always talking to people and forming good press relationships. Confirmation of what it really takes to run our government…

  5. Claire says:

    Never having heard of Tommy V, I was wondering whether you were against him merely because he’s not old enough to shave or whether it was something he’d actually done.

    Oh. Now I see.


  6. guffaw1952 says:

    No one of education and competence would work for the current guy, so this is what they get!


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