I dream of living in a place…

…where “the Internet is out” is actually a phrase. And it means that not a single card reader or ATM machine works. In the entire town.

Which also means EBT cards don’t work. Which pretty much brings all commerce to a halt.

Yeah. That’s where I want to live.

Fortunately I don’t live there. I live about ten miles away. It’s good practice for the apocalypse.

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6 Responses to I dream of living in a place…

  1. Robert says:

    What’s a chicken worth in terms of barter? If only we had a way to represent value with, oh, I dunno, pieces of paper. In a previous life I was the fix-it guy when the credit card readers and point-of-sale terminals when down. People freak! There are (were?) ways to process transactions manually in case of the apocalypse, but no merchants want the hassle. I believe (with no real evidence) that the new-fangled chip-based cards mean no more manual backup. Another great leap backwards.

  2. Robert, you can still record the numbers and run it manually, you just need a ton of data from the card owner…billing address and zip code, billing phone number, plus the numbers from the front and back of the card…and you pay a much higher processing fee because having the numbers sent in that way is double plus ungood for their data protection process. Oh, and you have to protect that info with your life, and essentially burn the hardcopies as soon as you upload it all to your processor, or put it under the equivalent of a secure lock-up. You essentially treat the transaction exactly like a telephone catalog order.

  3. Mike in KY says:

    After spending two weeks stuck with no ride into the nearest small town (15 mi., only carpooling w/my neighbor to work and back) with my truck in the body shop, I’m guessing toilet paper might be a pretty good currency after a while. Heh.

  4. Farm.Dad says:

    You are too close .. I have to travel 30 miles to a town with the same conditions.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The jungle is where that is. Places where a single generator runs a couple of street lights for a few hours, then they just roll up the sidewalks and everybody goes home.

    Nobody around here seems to deal living without electronic aid in taking payments. Local Wal-Greens had some electrical issues and they had to chase every customer (even those with $$) out of the store because the register didn’t work. Apparently using pencil and paper to calculate change was just too hard for their brains to do.

    Hell, I see flea markets where the register is a cigar box, little kids able to quickly calculate exact change. Not kids from this side – I’m talking southern border.

  6. Robert says:

    RD: Back in the day when cards still had information embossed on ’em, you could run the card thru an imprinter and get a signature then phone it in later. And keep the paperwork for proof.

    Heh, ask me about the time I talked the new cashier into accepting a blank green rolodex card in lieu of my credit card which had the mag stripe inadvertently erased…

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