I enjoy doing that…

Things have been a little lean lately. Not bad lean, just lean to where keeping up with necessities is a thing to be constantly watched. It’s easy to let yourself slide on the things you’d previously stocked up on, and that’s always a mistake because the stock is for when things are bad lean, y’know? For just regular lean, those stocks are supposed to be rotated.

But I did literally scrape the bottom of the barrel of chicken pellets last evening, so today’s timing was good. I’d managed to get a little ahead on money, and today I squandered it all.
Two is one, one is none, and none is…really none, I guess. But just when I was down to dust in the barrel, now I’ve got #100 of chicken pellets which will keep the ladies for months. A second full propane bottle, enough gasoline for another week, and the straw bale for cleaning out Landlady’s chicken house which I’ve been promising to do for some time. (I didn’t technically pay for that, I’m just paying it back.) While at the feed store I bought a pair of lined work gloves I’ve been looking at all season and that I’ll want this winter, and at the dollar store I replaced my in-reserve gallon of cooking oil, the last of which I opened last week. It’s coming up on the time of year when I start paying attention to my propane bottles, because in winter it’s a comfort knowing I’ve got more than a line of empties.

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2 Responses to I enjoy doing that…

  1. You live a pretty spartan existence.

  2. Joel says:

    Not really. I don’t do twelve hours of shield training more than once a week, I don’t keep many helot slaves, and I haven’t faced off against the Persian army in just forever.

    I prefer to think of my life as … simple.

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