I got no deeds to do, no promises to keep…

I went on a rather longer morning walkie than originally planned – it turned into such a beautiful morning I ditched my coat, hat and gloves at Landlady’s during morning chicken chores and just sort of went thataway.

I ran into some mulie does, quite unexpectedly because usually when the cattle show up all the ungulates head for … somewhere else entirely. Silly twits just stood there staring at me, not 50 yards away. I watched them through the AK’s scope just to be an asshole and they didn’t run off until it suddenly occurred to me to stop doing that and take a photo with that perfectly good camera in my pocket. So you’ll just have to take my word – and the evidence of all those gifs I’ve posted in the past – that at times we’re up to our collective armpits in mule deer around here and they don’t seem heavily hunted.

I really want to go outside and play some more, and I probably will – but not right now. I do have one deed to do. Today’s big chore, as soon as the ashes cool a bit more, is to pull the woodstove out and give the stovepipe a scrub.

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