I gotta get busy on these windows.

Had a fairly productive morning, finished the sheathing around the bedroom door and put up some stop material. I forgot how hard it is to figure out how to correctly make 45o cuts in quarter-round, but I did get it right before actually cutting it. Any wood purchased at the local hardware is 4-5 times as expensive as it ought to be but there’s no other local access to lumber so sometimes you buy it anyway. And then cut it very carefully. :(

Anyway. Finished that up, had a leisurely lunch with dirty beer and was just washing dishes when it occurred to me that I was about to lose another race with the afternoon storm, which came early today. Dropped everything to tend chickens – which must be done before the afternoon storm or it might not happen at all, since there’s a dry wash between Landlady’s place and the Lair – got back in the nick of time. Looked out the window-that-will-be-a-door just as the storm broke and was forcibly reminded that I hadn’t moved those tools away from the window.

Dammit. I can cover those holes with plastic and never get another breeze, or leave them open and get wet underlayment. Or – now that the door is complete – I can get off my ass, put up the tarpaper, and mount the windows. Then there’ll be a door where there’s currently a window.

A window I needed to use like a door, since it was pouring rain.

Hey, it’s my window. I can punch out the screen if I want to, that’s freedom.

So. Wet underlayment but no ruined tools today. Also the temperature has basically crashed, so even if this storm ever passes I’m not sure the Redneck AC is going to get a workout today. Maybe I’ll run it enough just to check the output temperature, if I can get to Ian’s for a block of ice.

Later, anyway.

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2 Responses to I gotta get busy on these windows.

  1. Judy says:

    We played with wet underlayment a couple of times, just don’t let it soak in standing water. We lost a piece to standing water we didn’t get squeegeed out fast enough.

  2. Ben says:

    Joel, use some scrap siding or OSB to tack up a temporary rain deflection awning for that window opening. That way, even after you install the window you will be able to leave it open for ventilation without worry of gallons of water raining in. Heck, you might like it so much that you build a permanent one!

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