I guess sometimes you just need a flamethrower.

Even to me, that sounds like a weird sentence.

I remember a time, many years ago in the Texas panhandle, some of the younger members of the local rifle and pistol club wanted to use a horseshoe canyon on the club’s property to set up a range for the monthly combat pistol match. Trouble was, the canyon was choked with old tumbleweeds. Being young and dumb, we figured what the hell? Tumbleweeds burn readily and enthusiastically. We actually got away with that without consequence.

That incident came to mind this morning, for the first time in I don’t remember when. I know this cool little canyon where I used to go with the dogs when I first moved here. It’s a lot closer to Landlady’s place than to the Lair, and I haven’t been there in over ten years. Couldn’t quite remember exactly where it was, to be honest.

It’s got the coolest weird rock formations…

…all up and down it, and I was going to have a ball taking pictures. Trouble is…

Yeah. A sea of tumbleweeds.

We had a bumper crop last summer after the heavy Monsoon, and now the canyons are choked with them. Even if I were prepared to put up with the millions of thorns, that particular canyon is a real legbreaker and you need to see where you’re putting your feet. Or foot, in my case. So my expedition was rather shorter than planned.

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4 Responses to I guess sometimes you just need a flamethrower.

  1. Tennessee Budd says:

    In Texas in the old days, they used to use homemade flamethrowers to burn the needles off the prickly pear so the cattle could eat them, when hay & other feed ran low. They may still, for all I know.

  2. Terrapod says:

    If you find those goats again, I know where to herd them to…………… ;=)

  3. Malatrope says:

    Looks like good snake country, to me.

  4. Joel says:

    🙂 In every possible way it’s not good sandal country, that’s for sure.

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