I have to chuckle at myself over how much bitching I’ve done in the past few months. On most earlier years a winter as harsh as this one has been would have driven me right out, if I could have found another place to go. But it was actually very comfortable most of the time, because I’ve finally – and with a lot of help – achieved a place that keeps the cold out and the warm in – and a separate bedroom and that vented space heater I can run all night is absolutely What I Needed. Yet I bitched about winter – not because I was freezing, but because it went on so consistently that I was stuck indoors for day after day and I was bored. Normally winter is kind of a nice break, an excuse for a fundamentally lazy guy to take a load off and read a book without guilt. But this was way too much of a good thing.

And now at last the temperature has moderated, the rain/snow is a little less constant, I can go outdoors without suiting up like an astronaut, and it makes more sense to do stuff. Today’s kind of damp and I think it’s going to rain off and on all afternoon, but that’s okay – it’s just Spring.

D&L had to go to the big town about 50 miles away for another doctor’s appointment, so I dropped by at noon to feed and clean up after the horses.

D’s old gelding Bud has spent the winter shaggy as a yak, and I notice that now he’s dropping his winter coat all over the place. His whole run looks frosted, and he looks like a horse again.

I hauled firewood to Landlady’s place during morning chicken chores, then spent much of the morning going around with my loppers and recip saw clearing brush away from my most common roadways…

…and went back to it after the horses. I don’t know if a lot of this was this bad in the autumn and just didn’t bug me, since it couldn’t have gotten this overgrown just over the winter, but lately it seems like there are branches all over the place reaching in through the windows and trying to take off the antenna. Plus of course the ridge road and the wash have grown quite a few rocks over the winter. Today I got a lot of that sorted out, and soon I’ll go back to doing it on other roads for a little bit of actual money.

And right now I’ve got all the outdoor chores I wanted done done, so I”m going to spend the afternoon baking bread and sitting. 🙂 My stump is sore.

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3 Responses to I LOVE SPRING!!

  1. terrapod says:

    Never seen plating on the horse stall beams and posts before. Do they try to chew the wood if that is not there? Nice setup but the exposed tin roof must get hot as heck in summer.

  2. Mark Matis says:

    Corner bead:
    is the standard treatment for stall rails and such when the horse occupying the stall is a chewer.

  3. Joel says:

    Actually it never seems to get very hot in there. High ceiling and lots and lots of ventilation. And yeah, the boys definitely enjoy chewing on exposed wood – especially Coal, who gets kind of obsessive about it.

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