I LOVE this holster!

After five days in a woodlot and at the sawbuck, my pistol really needed a good cleaning even though I never fired a shot. I was too wasted to do it last night, and didn’t plan on taking the time this morning because W and I are supposed to have breakfast at S&L’s. So, since I was dressing up in “real people” clothes anyway, I decided to carry my frankenMak instead. I don’t really like the Mak, because I’m more comfortable in the boonies with a 1911 than with a snubby little .380 that was designed for shooting uppity proles in the head at close range. But then, we weren’t going into the boonies and the biggest thing I was likely to encounter was a rattlesnake. So what the hell?

Anyway, then W told me I had the time wrong and there was another hour before we had to leave. So I pulled the tools out of my range bag and went to work.

Then I went to clean the holster. This is that cop holster (Glock brand? Does anybody know if Glock made/makes leather goods?) I got at the flea market a few months ago. The belt loop is held out away from the pocket by a very stiff piece of folded leather, and it’s a real crumbcatcher. Now it was all full of twigs, dirt and sawdust I couldn’t dig out of there. But it turns out it’s held on with three screws and comes right off for cleaning. If you ever open carry you’ve got to get one of these; it is the best 1911 holster EVER.

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  1. Uncle W. says:

    Yep, it’s a great holster. I got one, too. I believe it’s a Safariland holster with a Glock brand belt clip. Whatever it is, I’d like to get another one. Or two. Or three.

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