I made a logistical plan and it actually worked!

I had this one propane bottle with an iffy valve. Wasn’t leaking, but the bleedoff screw was nearly impossible to move and sometimes the propane guy gets touchy about that. Also sometimes the bottle doesn’t want to fill with it closed. It’s really just there to prevent vaporlock during filling.

But I didn’t want to take a bottle out of rotation to get it fixed. So I marked the bottle – they pretty much all look alike although the valve finish at least lets you know old from new – and planned for this one to get emptied at or very near the end of the real ‘need the heater’ season.

And that actually worked! I remembered to do it and everything, and then the propane shop actually did the job promptly! I’m still a little woozy.

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  1. Mike says:

    No matter how small the victory, it is still a victory.

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