I may run out of popcorn before this is over.

I may be mistaken – after all I’ve only been alive for 16 presidential elections – but it seems to me that vote tabulation normally goes much more smoothly than this. Aren’t we living in the future? Are calculators no longer ubiquitous? Perhaps state-level vote counters are trying to use those newfangled abaci? Maybe they’re translating the computerized results into big piles of white and black pebbles?

I hope the chads unhang themselves before Harris’s inauguration.

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9 Responses to I may run out of popcorn before this is over.

  1. Paul B says:

    Wish I was living in the desert. This is nuts

  2. jabrwok says:

    Red states haven’t had any problems, though pustulent blue enclaves within red states may have. It’s just the blues that can’t math. Funny that. One might almost suspect ulterior motives…

  3. Beans says:

    Well, a good explanation of what’s going on this year vs previous years can be found at he Lord of Hate’s site.


  4. I love the part where the same people that every day for the last four years could find Russians! behind every blade of grass as ipso facto evidence of election interference, now piously scoff at the very idea that there could be some fraud going on now.

  5. Ben says:

    It always takes days to count ballots in a presidential election, but we never really notice it unless the vote is so close that that things like absentee and provisional ballots actually matter.

  6. Mark Matis says:

    It takes time to generate fraudulent ballots if you want them to seem remotely credible. And you need to make sure you have ENOUGH fraudulent ballots without ridiculously overdoing it!!!

  7. Dudal says:

    They just have a whole lot more mail ballots to count. Just compare numbers between this election and previous ones. It’s going slow because you do this stuff manually.

  8. Paul B says:

    Right. But the mail in count is going 100% fro Biden. How is that even possible?

  9. TS says:

    Ack. Biden is yelling his acceptance even though the fat lady has not sung her song yet….

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