I need help with something, if you’re interested…

I’ve put off writing this post, because (believe it or not) I really hate blegs. But I’m running into an issue there’s no local way out of.

A bit more than two years ago, a Generous Reader turned me on to these things…

They’re called Gelsocks, and they’re the cat’s pajamas for making an old prosthetic leg fit well again. I’m quite thoroughly addicted to them. But they have two problems: They’re expensive, and they’re not at all durable.

This is what most of mine look like now…

That’s not even the most extreme example. Some are falling to pieces.

These things are literally to me the difference between mobility and spending my days sitting in a chair and re-reading old books. When I didn’t have these, the dogs didn’t get their walkies. I’m totally serious. The difference they’ve made is revolutionary. And now they’re worn out.

Trouble is, they’re not sold on Amazon. And as I’ve mentioned, they’re expensive. Like 35-45 bucks a pop. So I’m not asking for anybody to send me a dozen – though that would solve the problem neatly for another couple of years. I’m asking a dozen people to go to some trouble to track down one or two. And I can only give hints as to how you’d go about that. (I’ve never bought one of these. Didn’t know they existed until a couple of readers sent me some. So if anyone has better ideas than those below, please do share them in comments.)

They’re at least allegedly available on line. Here’s one purported source. It’s a different brand than the ones I’m used to, but it’s the same thing.

The big dog in prosthetic and orthotic stuff is Hanger Inc. They’ve got branches and clinics everywhere. If the one near you doesn’t stock gelsocks they can probably be persuaded to get them. Warning: They may look at you strangely if you show them cash. Medical people are weird about cash deals, I dunno.

Here’s more information about the product:

100_1598 The ones I have now that work best are 5-ply, 14-inch.

To contact me, go up to the tab marked Send Joel Stuff. Email me at the address there, and I’ll send you my maildrop address.

Nobody owes me anything, and this is asking a lot. But you’d be doing a big favor for an old guy who’s kind of getting into a spot.

ETA: I have it on good authority (Coloradohermit told me) that if you order two from the source hightecrebel linked to in comments, it’s free shipping. Otherwise they’ll soak you for an extra $8. Just saying.

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11 Responses to I need help with something, if you’re interested…

  1. hightecrebel says:

    MMAR Medical has them for $27.50 right here: http://www.mmarmedical.com/Comfort-ComforGel-Gel-Socks-p/cgelag-cgelya14.htm

    Same brand as before, just need to set the options for 14″ and 5-ply. Once I get home I’ll send you an email to confirm your maildrop.

  2. Kentucky says:

    They come in BK and AK styles . . . difference? “Above/Below Knee”??

    You need BKs?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Joel, I am on kindle right now and it doesn’t always work right on blogger. I hit that button and it said to email you.

    Can you send me your mail drop address? philipnolan1953@gmail.com
    Harry Flashman.

  4. Joel says:

    Done, Harry

  5. kymber says:

    when Harry puts out the call – i answer! can you send me your address so i can order some for you? my Email is kymberzmail@gmail.com

    we could send a few….just to help a fellow in need that we know that we could call on if we needed it! xoxo

  6. Matt says:

    My wife works in the medical field and is looking for them locally.

  7. I see Kymber came by. She’s a long time friend. She and her husband built themselves a retreat on the ocean on the eastern coast in Canada. They are great folks. If the fewmets hit the windmill and my two grown kids can’t make it back here from the Northern city they live in, they are going to Kymber and J’s place.

    Here’s her blog : http://framboisemanor.blogspot.com

  8. Joel says:

    And thanks for the mention on your blog, Harry.

  9. SLee says:

    Sent you an email. 2 socks will be on their way shortly.

  10. Dave Seng says:

    Send me a mailing address and I’ll send you two pair…

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