I needed that.

Wow, I remember shoving Torso Boy over on the bed at about eight but I’d be lying if I claimed to remember my head hitting the pillow. Woke around four and again around six feeling much better.

And now I’m all dressed up and waiting for the time to go, but as usual I feel naked. For many years now I’ve been in the habit of wearing a comical amount of stuff on my belt: Multitool, flashlight, speedloaders, knife, revolver and an ironically large ring of keys. I don’t tone it down for weekly trips to town, just throw an overshirt on over it. But the big town about 50 miles away is a little more straitlaced – I’d normally go IWB – and the prosthetics joint in particular is owned by a huge national chain that has no sense of humor about guns and involves a certain amount of pants-dropping. So it is necessary to trim some body weight…

That’s it. That’s all you get, Joel.

Thank heaven for the man-purse! 😉

Because what they don’t know, they can’t complain about.

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You shouldn't ask these questions of a paranoid recluse, you know.
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4 Responses to I needed that.

  1. TK421a says:

    I’m glad you managed to pay off that sleep debt you had Joel and I hope the visit goes as planned and everything you want to get done, gets done.

    As for the naked thing, welcome to my world. While I would love to carry, if caught, it’s a ticket to the crowbar hotel. I get by with a ZT 350 knife, a County Comm Embassy Pen and good situational awareness.

  2. DaveS says:

    Good luck with the new leg!

  3. Anonymous says:

    “Wow, I remember SHAVING Torso Boy over on the bed” Wait…what? Don’t know how I read that wrong the first time but it got my attention…lol.

  4. Steelheart says:

    I see that you’ve shifted to a different hog leg for thie trip. Your backup or a loaner for the trip?

    Are you a fan of Larry’s? I just finished the second Target Rich Environment. not too long ago.


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