I really was trying to buy some of this…

…and I know I didn’t mention it on the blog.

I used to use a lot of dry milk in my bread. It was literally the most expensive ingredient, and keeping it in stock was a constant hassle. Plus when I experimented with bread recipes that didn’t need it I learned that I’d been paying extra to do it wrong: removing the dry milk also removed the one thing I didn’t like about my bread. That was several years ago and since then I haven’t used a lot of dry milk.

But I still use some, for pizza dough and pancakes and such, and I was nearly out and went looking for more when I learned that the local food store doesn’t even stock it anymore. Don’t ask – this place seems to have “let’s cheap ourselves slowly right out of business” as its actual business plan. I was going to buy some online as soon as I got the Jeep fixed and could think about spending money on commodities again – but then…

…look what showed up among the care packages! You know this isn’t going into limbo with the rest of my sealed long-term storage food.

Spent most of yesterday afternoon playing with this new ‘pooter, and never put the new food away. I unboxed and photographed it at Ian’s place because that’s where I’ve been parking the Jeep lately and my sealed food cache is close to there, but then I had to re-box the stuff going to the loft and hoof it to the Lair one box at a time. That’s as far as I got yesterday, so one of this morning’s chores was to get it stored and out from underfoot.

I never came up with a non-clunky way to get food up into the loft. I wouldn’t call it a problem exactly, but my solution isn’t very elegant. I tied a rope to this little dollar-store basket, which is as big as will go through the small hole in the floor – and also as big as you’d want if you’re hauling canned goods: That basket can get heavy…

…and then I climb the ladder and pull the basket up after me. It…works. And being a dedicated food hoarder, laboriously hauling boxloads of food into my Lair always puts a much bigger smile on my face than expending it a little at a time.

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5 Responses to I really was trying to buy some of this…

  1. ZtZ says:

    Can you store heavy things like canned goods in plastic tubs or boxes under your bed? There are long, wide, relatively flat plastic storage bins made for blankets and sheets that would work as well for canned goods. They are sized so two fit side by side lengthwise under a bed. Or store your blankets in them, safe from rodents, in the summer.

  2. Joel says:

    I could, and that’s a better solution than what I’m currently doing with surplus/seasonal bedding.

  3. Robert says:


    Could you please expand a bit on why keeping dry milk was a hassle and why this new stuff is better?
    Between my respiratory virus du jour and my tequila antidote, I’m not quite following. I am interested in becoming less fridge-dependent and you have more experience than moi.

  4. Joel says:

    Keeping dry milk was a hassle because my bread recipe used quite a lot of it and I was chronically broke at the time. Pound for pound it’s quite a bit more expensive than flour. That’s why I found an alternate recipe that didn’t use it – and it turns out that recipe made better bread.

    And when I tried recently to buy more I found that it wasn’t even available at the store. It’s not that this new stuff is better, it’s that it’s here.

  5. Robert says:

    Thank you, sir. Availability trumps just about everything else.

    “Chronically broke” seems to be the “new normal” in these parts.

    Didn’t see a bread recipe in the sidebar, but way at the bottom I found that I am already practicing what Lazarus Long recommended.

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