I recognize the mud, but what’s all this white stuff?

It started raining right around dark, and apparently rained on and off all night. Then we got this stuff, whatever it is…

It’s been the wettest winter I can recall, but so mild there’s been relatively little snow. And it was so nice all month as to tempt me to hubris. Hah! Tempt, but not persuade. So the woodstove was ready for the weather this morning. And the next several days are supposed to be more of the same but colder, so I guess I’ll bring in more wood for the first time in literally weeks. There’s nothing weird about March lulling you into hope and then crushing your dreams.

I just got a call from Neighbor L, who’s scheduled to go with me to the big town about 50 miles away for my prothesis appointment on Monday. But she just heard that that town got its first reported case of Kung Flu and now she wants assurances that a) the office will even be open, and b) every surface in it is covered with antibiotic substances so thickly that no microscopic lifeform can possibly survive there. And I understand her concerns; they’re both well over 70 and Neighbor D is health-compromised to say the least. So I’ll call at 9 and get that information.

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3 Responses to I recognize the mud, but what’s all this white stuff?

  1. matismf says:

    And verbally pass along your current assessment of the prosthesis as well???

  2. Zelda says:

    Can she wait outside while you go in for your appointment, and then you have to wash or use disinfectant products on every part of your body that may have been exposed? and your new leg if it goes home with you. Can you take a soap and shampoo shower and wash your hair in the office? Or you ride in the truck bed the 50 miles home, wrapped in your sleeping bag if necessary. Given D’s health challenges and where you live it just isn’t worth risking exposing him. Do all three of you have masks? or do you have one for him? You should also do the two week isolation to be sure you didn’t acquire anything besides a new leg. Stay safe. BTW cans of Lysol disinfectant spray for you and them used frequently would be helpful.

  3. TK421a says:

    Considering the spread and the mortality rate of this virus, neighbour L is being smart. Stay well, my friend.


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