I relocated the new game camera several days ago…

…on a tree at the cattle waterer, higher than an elk might find convenient to rearrange. Certainly higher than I find convenient. Been waiting with anticipation to see how they’d react, but unfortunately the elk have made themselves scarce for the past week or more. Just got some mule deer evening before last…

…and they always notice the camera but never do anything about it.

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You shouldn't ask these questions of a paranoid recluse, you know.
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3 Responses to I relocated the new game camera several days ago…

  1. Paul B says:


  2. VietVet says:

    Could you describe the water station? I’m interested in how it’s designed and how it works…

  3. Joel says:

    Sure. The waterer itself is an old tractor tire sealed on the bottom with concrete. A buried pipe connects it to a big water tank fed by a solar powered well pump on a nearby ridge. A float valve keeps the tire from overflowing.

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