I suppose I appreciate the attempt at entrepreneurship…

No names, no pack drill. I won’t paste the email text here because I’m really not trying to embarrass anybody. But I received two emails from a person essentially wanting an unpaid internship at TUAK.

Now, TUAK makes no pretense of being anything but what it is, one old guy pecking out a slice-of-life blog in a cabin in the desert. I need a writing intern like I need a bigger dog; I truly don’t know where I’d put one. Plus this was spam if I ever saw any, though it didn’t appear to be automated spam. No attachment, and a return address that actually went somewhere. I don’t respond to spam, so I let the first one go. Forgot all about it, in fact, until yesterday when I got a follow-up email.

No doubt he bombed a whole bunch of blogs with this employment query. I’d have considered it well written if the approach weren’t so bizarre and clearly pointless. So I wrote back – something, as previously mentioned, I never ever ever do – to point out as politely as possible all the ways he was wasting his time and mine.

Maybe he got this approach from an article in Writer’s Market or something. I used to read that, too. Before I decided the only reason it’s printed is to sell copies of Writer’s Market. Some of the suggestions printed therein, as I recall, are about this sad.

But wow – is the market for freelancers really that saturated? Evidence says yes.

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4 Responses to I suppose I appreciate the attempt at entrepreneurship…

  1. M Ryan says:

    Hey Joel,

    You should feel good about the fact someone thinks the caliber of your writing is high enough on the readable scale to want to learn from you. Heck I have but I’ve done it the old fashioned way by reading your stuff and trying to capture the essence of your style. Now is the time to sit back and bask in the warmth of knowing that you are not only good but damn good.

  2. Kentucky says:

    “Unpaid internship” . . . is that , like, a “roommate”?


  3. Joel says:

    Pretty sure not, Big Chief Mind-in-the-gutter. :)

  4. Kentucky says:

    Just lookin’ out for ya, Boss! Never know what some folks are up to these days.


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