Ian gets his face in the paper!

I wanted to ask Ian, when I had a chance to chat with him yesterday, how those new YouTube restrictions on gun content were going to affect his Forgotten Weapons and InRangeTV channels.

Turns out if I paid any attention to the news at all, I’d already know about it without asking.ian

In a Facebook post on Thursday, InRangeTV called out YouTube for blocking gun-related videos but allowing content related to drug use.

“My point with YouTube’s policies and InRangeTV’s move is not about changing your mind on the topic of firearms ownership – it’s about the freedom of expression on the internet,” the post reads. “Why are we seeing continuing restrictions and challenges towards content about something demonstrably legal yet not against that which is clearly illegal?

The statement continued, “Why is YouTube using its position as the world’s largest and most empowering content provider and place of free expression as a tool to control the narrative so inconsistently?”

ETA: The links above are pretty much all the same, and more about YouTube than about InRangeTV. Here’s a much better article about it: Sex-Free Gun Videos Hit PornHub as YouTube ‘Tightens the Noose Around Free Speech on the Internet’

YouTube has become “increasingly unreliable” for InRangeTV in recent months, however. Kasarda recounted the YouTube demonetization “apocalypse” that hit all kinds of content — gun-related videos, videos about LGBT issues, videos on the Right and on the Left.

“YouTube started doing other things, like deprioritizing our content,” he said. “Subscribers became unsubscribed.” In the wake of the general news and their personal struggles, InRangeTV decided to cut the cord. “We turned off our advertising, demonetized our videos, and turned to a crowd-sourced system through Patreon.”

“I decided now was the time to do it,” the InRangeTV co-owner said. He announced his decision on Facebook Tuesday, and posted a few videos on PornHub. Citing its “understanding that vice and pornography have long been leading drivers of communications technology and infrastructure,” the site declared, “InRangeTV is pleased to announce its expansion onto the PornHub network.”

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  1. I would have thought ‘ol Gun Jesus would have had a left-handed AR.

  2. Joel says:

    He’s ambi with rifles, as I guess a southpaw shooter would grow up needing to be.

  3. Youtube is just pouring gasoline on the fire. Same with Citibank.

  4. Fred says:


  5. Kentucky says:

    OMG . . . I just noticed that Ian’s wearing an ASSAULT CAP!!!!!!!

    The horror!

  6. Joel says:

    High-capacity, too. To contain his giant intellect.

  7. So who’s going to give me note to The Wife explaining that it’s really okay for me to be on PornHub. Asking for a friend.


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