Ian said I could use them. So I made them a thing.

Those big fancy targets Ian brought up at the end of May didn’t really attract me because they’re also heavy targets and a real hassle to transport and set up. But last weekend he brought something a little more down-to earth…

There are six of them – I only need five, of course – and in the wash you don’t need a hammer to mount the stands. Scatter them around at various ranges and they’re perfect pistol practice.

Trouble is, they make a big rattly mess in the back of the Jeep…

…so this morning before it got hot I took some measurements, cut up some of the last of my old cabin siding, and made them a thing.

And now they fit neatly in the back of the Jeep! 🙂

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4 Responses to Ian said I could use them. So I made them a thing.

  1. Norman says:

    Your gun may count only to five, but I’m betting you can count much higher; use all 6 targets, because the 6th one offers a benefit.

    I’m assuming you carry reloads, use that 6th target to measure the split time between rounds #5 and #6. Sometime, reloading quickly may be a useful skill. I’d guess Ian may have a shot timer you could use.

  2. Joel says:

    Yeah, actually that occurred to me after I wrote the post. It may, after all these years, be time for me to acquire a shot timer.

  3. TK421a says:

    Very nice Joel. And yes, the idea of a timer is a good one.

  4. Jim Price says:

    There are a number of free shot timer apps available for your phone.

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