I’m not ignoring you…

There’s quite a lot of comments as well as a couple of direct emails from people trying to help me with my bedroom heater situation, and I haven’t been very responsive. I’m not ignoring you, I’m just sort of up to my ass in projects of higher priority at the moment…

…such as gluing my leg back together, painting, baking, some minor Jeep issues and the like. I don’t plan to put the furnace off and I promise I’ll get back on that topic, and thanks to those with more knowledge than myself who have offered their help.

We had our first big rain this morning/afternoon…

Almost 7/10 of an inch in less than three hours, with lots of nice lightning and thunder to keep Tobie interested, a lot of new yard erosion I wasn’t expecting, and – to my surprise…

…the wash even ran a little! Which it almost never does on the first storm of the season. It came on earlier than usual for a Monsoon storm so I didn’t get much painting done. In fact I only just began the morning’s planned session when I had to hurry and pack everything away. I did get my bread baking done, though. And then I sat down to fix a pad on my soft insert whose epoxy had gotten hard and threatened to fail entirely. And that always leaves me trapped on my ass for a couple of hours.

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3 Responses to I’m not ignoring you…

  1. ka9vsz says:

    “.such as gluing my leg back together” Now, there’s a phrase that would make a good opening line! On a related note, I was quite pleased when an episode of the TV show CSI Las Vegas showed the coroner adjusting one of his (metal?) legs and they treated it like no big deal. The actor really did lose both legs and this was the first time they featured that little tidbit.

    “And that always leaves me trapped on my ass for a couple of hours.” Stop putting the epoxy on your ass! What does Tobie think of these periods of enforced sititude?

  2. Anonymous says:

    “What gun for dinosaur?” by L. Sprague de Camp. He briefly talks about landscape erosion before the development of grasses. As a wannabe botanist, that’s about the only thing about that story that stuck. It’s funny how our own individual and narrow viewpoints can change reality itself.

  3. ka9vsz says:

    Anon@244: Is that the one where the butterfly gets stepped on?

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