I’m not ready for this. Seriously, just no.

I knew when Tobie and I went for first walkie in the dark that the weather was quite unpleasantly cold, damp and windy. And there were occasional … bits of something … flashing by in the lamp beam.

It was only when the sky lightened up that I saw…

…it’s snowing. Well, sleeting, which is technically snowing. At 12 October. Yeah, I know, nothing special for Minnesota. This is the SW desert and I am not yet mentally prepared for this.

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8 Responses to I’m not ready for this. Seriously, just no.

  1. Phil says:

    Yeah it’s a little early for that crap I’d say.
    Time to dig out the Winter Wear.
    And to think, a couple months ago it was 115 freaking degrees around here.
    GlowBull Worming my ass.

  2. Jeff Allen says:

    Minnesota knoweth not that of which you speak: the hot air generated continuously by the Twin Cities prevents any occurrence of icy flaky bits – for the foreseeable future (i.e., a week). Climate Change, y’see. Or is it denial? I forget.

  3. Mike says:

    Seventy three days, one hour and seven minutes days until Christmas…


  4. Spud says:

    Had to drive out to Idaho last week from Florida, in order to lay my 88year old mom to rest…
    Got scarred and hit the road straight south down highway 93 to Vegas. Then turned east down I40 . Flagstaff was a cold pre storm place.
    Now , back in cheeseburger paradise, soaking up sunshine , wearing my flip flops in Margaritaville.
    Seeing reports of snow in Idaho, Utah and Wyoming !!
    It’s good to be here .
    The weather cis here, which y’all were beautiful lol

  5. Mark Matis says:

    How long until the first One Dog Night out there???

  6. Joel says:

    How long until the first One Dog Night out there???

    That would’ve been last night, actually. But this bed is only big enough for one of us, so I haven’t taught him any bad tricks.

  7. Terrapod says:

    Shhhhh! Michigan is still in the 70’s daytime and 50’s nights. Le’ts keep it that way. 😉

  8. Joel says:

    Amen, and so say we all.

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