Impressive! UAL having so publicly stuck its foot in its mouth, you might have wondered how it planned to get the other one in there with it…

Tone-deaf United CEO thinks things are going just fine

In the message to staff, which leaked publicly, according to several reports, Munoz said he “emphatically” stands behind his staff and commended them for going “above and beyond.”

“As you will read, this situation was unfortunately compounded when one of the passengers we politely asked to deplane refused and it became necessary to contact Chicago Aviation Security Officers to help,” he wrote. “Our employees followed established procedures for dealing with situations like this.”

This fellow missed his calling. He should have been a big-city police chief. The money’s not as good, but you get to beat up lots of people in the name of ‘following established procedures.’

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6 Responses to Impressive! UAL having so publicly stuck its foot in its mouth, you might have wondered how it planned to get the other one in there with it…

  1. MJR says:

    I read the CEO’s message and my take is that they are going to make the airport security guys take the fall. In a few days the news cycle will be onto something else and this will all blow over. In a month or so you can expect to see a serious seat sale as United tries to win back customers.

    One thing I do know from my wife’s experience working in the travel industry, paying passengers have about the same rights as cattle being transported. If you don’t think so take time out and look at the contract fine print. I say contract because when you buy an airline ticket you are entering into a contract and that contract which you are agreeing to is stacked steeply against your rights and freedoms.

    The Contract of carriage is one of the two big reasons I hate to fly. The second being the TSA goons

  2. Judy says:

    I want to know why they picked the guy they did. Did it happen to have anything to do with his race? Were they thinking because he appears Asian he would be more docile than say someone who was Black or Caucasian?

  3. George says:

    MJR, in reading the contract, there was nothing about removing someone from the plane so someone else could get on. They screwed up when they allowed boarding. Once boarded, one must violate rule 21 to be removed. That’s why the CEO said at first the guy was disruptive and irate. United is taking it in the shorts with this one, as well they should. The CEO’s first remarks should have been “this looks horrible, and is not at all how a United customer should be treated. A full investigation will be made and the proper actions taken.”

  4. MJR says:

    Hey George this will explain what happened on the flight better than I can.

    As for the use of force it looks like the cabin crew came to the conclusion his responses were combative because he failed to comply. That’s the catch, if the cabin crew feel a person is a threat no matter what he has done then removal by force is an option.

    Now having said that I will also say that in my view their actions were way over the line. At the very least the security guys should get their knuckles smacked as should the cabin staff for going overboard and not dealing with the issue.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that flying on any American air carriers is not for me. Between the TSA gropers (which you don’t get anywhere else) and the attitudes of the staff, I’ve been soured on “traveling the friendly skies.” My wife want us to visit some friends in the states and I’m having none of it. I will not even drive in the States because of the third world police practices.

  5. No.Thanks. says:

    MJR, I’m a daily listener to CBC Radio 1, occasionally Radio 2, and the BBC Overnight radio program. Over time I’ve realized how third world the US has become and how much freedom of ideas, thought and actions Canadians have that we no longer do. IMHO we have slid into acceptance of control at every level of our lives, and unquestioning unthinking obedience has become our norm. I find that I get honest and factual news from CBC that is proved over time to be correct, and exaggerated hysteria that later proves to be incorrect from US news sources. I too find it amazing that the rest of the world seems able to protect itself without subjecting air travelers to paid groping by ignorant perverts, and I won’t fly either, fortunately don’t have to although I surely miss out on lots of interesting cultural experiences.

  6. Joel says:

    Unfortunately one of the bits of exaggerated hysteria that a lot of folks (who consider themselves freedom-lovers, more often than not) have swallowed whole is that they must patriotically flip out at the suggestion that more-or-less randomly bombing people for decades might just cause those people to hate you and want you dead. A lot of folks, who consider themselves freedom-lovers more often than not, resent the notion that the terrorists have won, they won two hundred fifty years ago, and they’re acting in our name.

    And when brown people come all the way over here to shoot bunches of us in airports and recruiting centers, those brown people genuinely believe they’re striking at the real villains and they’re willing to die to get a shot in. They may be deluded, they may not be deep thinkers, but they’re certainly not cowards and in their own minds they’re not evil.

    That’s something we’re not supposed to say, because so many people have absorbed so much exaggerated hysteria about terrorists that they practically glow with it. They’ll live with concentration camp rules in their own country *and feel righteous and ever-so law abiding for it,* because otherwise “the terrorists will win.” Otherwise they’ll have to seriously think about *why* these people hate them so much, and about who the terrorists really are.

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