In a month this will seem balmy.

Nineteen degrees outside and falling. Woke at six to a lovely cool bedroom, thermometer says 53 which is perfect sleeping weather without having to pile the blankets a foot high. That new space heater works perfectly.

Couldn’t say the same for the main cabin, though far from freezing it seemed shivery compared to the addition. But I expected that, took all winter precautions. I laid the season’s first fire in the woodstove yesterday afternoon, fired it up while I heated water for the first cup of the morning…

The kindling is enough to get the dust burning off the top of the stovepipe, a smell I still hate after all these years but that’s life. Once the kindling is well-involved I stack on some hardwood billets from those pallets I cut, and soon the cabin will be toasty throughout. I must say, though, I’ll probably spend this whole winter exclaiming monotonously over how much I love that thermostat.

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9 Responses to In a month this will seem balmy.

  1. Mike says:

    It really is nice to see how things are coming together at your secret lairJoel. Little things like heat and thermostats go a long was towards making life more bearable, While it was a little warmer here last night we got around 4 inches of snow. Today there’s a snow squall watch on and we are expecting another 5 or six inches. Oh well that’s fall in Canada…

  2. Joel says:

    😀 Yeah, isn’t there a law in Canada against complaining about the weather until after the drifts seal your doors shut?

  3. B says:

    You oughta look into a small fan that draws air from around your stovepipe and blows it into your new room.

    Wouldn’t take much power. Like maybe 25 watts. It’d be easy to make a small heat exchanger to do that. and a small bit of ductwork to get the warm air to the bedroom.

  4. B says:

    make that 2.5 watts

  5. Kentucky says:

    Am I dreaming or weren’t you going to install a ceiling fan in the tall portion of the original lair to gently push the warm air down?

  6. Joel says:

    Actually I did. Big one, too. Just never occurred to me to switch the motor direction and start it up before you reminded me it’s up there.

  7. Who...Me? says:

    What you need is a heat powered fan like this:

    No power drain at all.

    We use one and while it does not blast like an electric fan it does move air just fine. Especially in a smaller space. My favorite part is as there is no cage around the blades it is not moron proof…ya they wont cut yer hand off but labels on everything like “don’t take the hair dryer into the shower” is a pet peeve of mine and will eventually cause the downfall of the human race.

  8. Joel says:

    My neighbors D&L have a couple of those! They use them on their woodshop stove, and love them. They’re quite expensive, though, and would constantly be in the way with a boxwood stove.

    BTW, the one linked is a Chinese knock-off of the original Canadian product called Ecofan. I notice that Ecofans get much better reviews – and D&L like theirs.

  9. Who...Me? says:

    Yes I notice in hindsight the one I linked is not an ecofan tho the one I own is. Did not even notice it was not the same just looked a lot like it. I am shamefaced to have posted a chinese product when there is a non chinese original version still available.

    I sometimes do the same thing when I go to the market for my wife. I go to the right isle and the right section and grab what LOOKS like the right item…then get home when the boss says “um…why did you buy non actual imitation full of high fructose corn stuff maple syrup and not the real thing?” Uh…because I did not actually read the label and grabbed the stuff in the same shaped bottle with the same colored label? Then I have to go back and return it and get the correct stuff.

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