In Praise of the Mad Bomber

A few years ago Claire sent me this very warm hat I didn’t get much use from, because it was just a touch too small. Once in a while it would come in handy, like two years ago when the Jeep broke down at the coldest part of the winter and I briefly tooled around on that toy quad, remember? The hat was useful then, but really squeezed my melon.

This year I dragged it out with the rest of the winter clothes, and I was happy to find that it had relaxed somewhat. And that’s good, because this was the winter I was going to spend money and replace it if I had to. I’m from Michigan, and have always approved of mad bomber hats.

So this winter I’m getting more use from it, at last.

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8 Responses to In Praise of the Mad Bomber

  1. julio guerra says:

    Tre’ chic ! Whatever it takes, my bother wears the U.S. cold weather helmet liner when the temps drop down here. He has been thinking about that style of hat as he loses his hair – less ‘dead air’ insulation, lol.

  2. MamaLiberty says:

    I’ve read that it is no longer an article of faith that one loses a lot of body heat via an uncovered head, but I don’t really buy that. People have kept their heads as covered as they could for all of recorded history. You ever see cold weather people with a bare head? Me neither. I’ve made dozens of hats, of all kinds of material, and use many different ones depending on the temperature and situation. Those covering my ears are my favorites this time of year. I even had one on for a while in the office this morning. 🙂

    That does look like a nice one, Joel. Good you can get some use from it.

  3. M Ryan says:

    Having had frostbite I can say with certainty this is a must have piece of gear. I have one for the times I’m out dealing with Mother Nature’s big fat fluffy white gifts from the sky. Might I suggest adding a cheap pair of wind goggles to your ensemble for those cold, windy blustery days? The trapper hat and the goggles make a great pair.

  4. Joel says:

    MJR, I do own a pair of milsurp goggles. But they live in the powershed; so far the winter wind has never driven me to anything more than wraparound shades from time to time.

  5. coloradohermit says:

    Looks like a solid utilitarian hat. If only it was cunning. 😉

  6. vorkosigan says:

    “Man walks down the street in a hat like that, you know he’s not afraid of anything…”

  7. C-90 says:

    Ok readers, 1 each Red Elmer Fudd hunter hap for Joel.

  8. Robert says:

    What M Ryan said about hat ‘n goggles; it’s how I went out yesterday. This morning’s windchill is minus twenty-five and that ain’t the state’s cold spot.

    BTW, that plastic jug hat form is begging for some magic-marker-applied facial features.

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