In spite of weather, got some stuff done.

It’s cold and blowy even by my standards, and Big Brother comes from a much more nearly tropical state than here. So the plan was to do indoor stuff as much as possible. I did set up the generator and chopsaw, but when wood needing chopping I mostly went out and did that myself – trying not to be blown to Nebraska in the process.

BB is much more of an electrician than I am. So this was a perfect day to look into some pesky electrical projects that have been hanging fire. Like the bedroom ceiling fan…

BB sent me a 12v ceiling fan last autumn, which would have helped make the new propane-heated bedroom even more comfortable than it was. Alas I installed a big heavy-duty electrical box for it and ran duplex, and it turns out to want no electrical box but has a PWM controller that requires four wires.

BB came up with a genuinely elegant solution to both problems…

…we built a wooden box that will bolt to the ceiling box, and mounted the controller (and the fan motor, of course, in the fullness of time) on the wooden box. Izzat cool or what? So I can turn the fan on and off by the wall switch, but change speed/direction with the controller on the ceiling box just over the fan. The ceiling is just high enough to permit this without any impromptu haircuts. I’ll just watch where I do my jumping jacks.


We also hauled out the big box of hardware for the sliding door which never got built last season. It came with no documentation, so step one was to figure out which piece of hardware was supposed to do what. Then we cut a plank to mount all the gear on, which plank needs to get firmly screwed to the wall.

But first paint, of course. Yesterday’s big lumber run included a gallon of green paint, so (what I had hoped would be) the last official piece of work for the day was to haul the plank and the wooden ceiling box to Ian’s place where it was still and warm, set up a secure paint-proof work space, and give both items two coats of green paint.

So first thing tomorrow we’ll be able to mount the ceiling fan and the door hardware – though the door itself remains to be constructed.

I was quite happy to call it a day right there, but BB is made of stronger stuff – plus unfortunately by then he’d had a look at the hash I’d made of the 12-volt wiring. So he went into the corner behind the reading chair with some tools and straightened out a little problem I’d left with the 12-volt fuse-box – like, it wasn’t actually wired to anything. Now an electrical inspector could look at that corner without biting through his cigar.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a much more pleasant – or at least a much less unpleasant – day once it warms up. Tonight is forecast to be the coldest in a few weeks. We finished off with a trip to town for a little needed hardware and a restaurant supper, and I sent him back to landlady’s house with my Carhartt jacket and good pair of gloves because things are getting seriously chilly out there by anybody’s standards.

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7 Responses to In spite of weather, got some stuff done.

  1. Mike says:

    Kudos to you both for a job, under trying conditions, that was well done.

  2. Kentucky says:

    Man . . . some of your recent pictures are HUGE!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey a nag, you should use this time to get BB’s help straightening out some personal paperwork, so you can in fact collect social security someday, just sayin

  4. Joel says:

    Believe it or not, along a non-BB-related channel we’re working on that.

  5. Robert says:

    I’m an only-child. You wanna share BB?

  6. Joel says:

    You’ll have to take that up with him. 😉

  7. Anonymous says:

    And Medicare btw is FM

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