In which Joel once again proves himself an insufficiently caffeinated curmudgeon with zero people skills…

You know you’re a member of a persecuted minority when you see references to “the worst mass shooting in [American] history” and your only reaction is “Oh, hell. Here we go again.”

Joel to MSM gasbags: I’ve never even been to Las Vegas. And no, you can’t have my guns.

Also: (this is going to sound like I’m blaming the victims but) when are these f*cking eloi going to start taking responsibility for their own security? Because over and over people act as if there’s no possible danger out there, and then somebody else has to clean up the blood. And then I’ve got to listen to three months of progs and the MSM (BIRM) screaming to the world about how it’s all my fault…

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19 Responses to In which Joel once again proves himself an insufficiently caffeinated curmudgeon with zero people skills…

  1. In this case, I don’t see how the victims would have been better off armed. The guy wasn’t even in their midst. Anti-gun “laws” never make things better, and sometimes make things worse. I think this is a case of them just not making things better.

  2. Best thing that could’ve happened for the progs/MSM. Since this turd aced out The Pulse shooter by one body bag, the “deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history” is back out of the Muslim column. (Although some reports are that ISIS is claiming his sorry ass.)

  3. Mark Matis says:

    Hive dwellers live in those hives because they want the government to take care of their every need and desire. Why would you think they would ever start taking responsibility for their own security???

  4. Andrew says:

    And here’s the fun part. The hotel was a ‘gun-free zone.’ 10 rifles, at least one either fully auto or modified with a bump-fire or some auto-replicator device. In a gun free zone. Who woulda thunk?

  5. John says:

    “Oh, hell. Here we go again.” dammit!
    But most knew it was just a matter of time? dammit.

    OK, I’ve got “MSM” down solid.
    “BIRM”? Can anyone enlighten me? I looked it up and got “Biological Immune Response Modifier”. Probably not correct here?

    I looked at some of the images. My eyes got wet and anger began to surface, so I stopped. The eloi don’t know how to take responsibility for their own security. They are taught that they don’t need to.

  6. Claire says:

    How would concert-goers or concert organizers have taken responsibility against this particular threat? Even if the organizers had snipers of their own in the wings or on rooftops, they couldn’t have responsibly shot into the windows of a hotel. So … what should they have done for their own security, besides not having a concert in an urban area at all?

  7. John says:

    Claire, I’m thinking a lot of SWAT teams etc., are asking themselves just that. We all should too. I’d hate to see a further dip toward a fortress mentality. I generally am not found in large groupings of people, but I could so find myself there. These events tend to radically miss present risks. But that doesn’t help assuage the injury to those directly effected.

  8. Joel says:

    BIRM = But I Repeat Myself

    How would concert-goers or concert organizers have taken responsibility against this particular threat?

    I rather regret having said that, because once I was coffee’d up I thought that question through myself and couldn’t come up with an answer. Once the shooting starts there are things you can do, subject to the press of the crowd and whether you can get the person(s) you’re protecting to get the lead out of their ass. You might still get killed, but you’ll be killed taking steps to avoid it rather than cringing and whimpering. But before the shooting starts? In a crowded concert where the fire will come from overhead? The only effective defense would be the Joel Solution: Don’t be there. That’s not really a fair suggestion, I suppose.

  9. Kentucky says:

    “Solution: Don’t be there. That’s not really a fair suggestions, I suppose.”

    Well, up until last nite it might have seemed sorta over-the-top, but this morning is a different day and things continue to escalate in this regard.

    We continue to devolve.

  10. al says:

    I for one am not so sure that this is as it is being reported in that some of the video and pics don’t make sense as well as some of what the witnesses are saying. It just isn’t adding up. Anouther sandy hook? Just saying I’m not buying it yet. I suppose I’m getting a lot less trusting in my old age but so far this don’t pass the sniff test to me. Time will tell.

  11. jabrwok says:

    Time will tell.

    It’s too early to know what’s true and what’s speculation. Remember the reporting on Katrina. Give it a few days for the sensationalism and hysteria to die down and we may start getting something more reliable.

    That said, the body counts are probably fairly accurate:-(.

  12. Tennessee Budd says:

    :Don’t be there” sounds perfectly valid to me. I no longer go to concerts, as an instance. That isn’t because of possible danger, it’s because average Americans have become more boorish than I ever dreamed of being, even as a teenager (and I was really an asshole then).
    I’m not to be found in crowds, as a rule. It’s not impossible that I could find myself in one, but it’d have to form quicker than I could unass the area, & I can limp pretty damned fast.

  13. Goober says:

    Nothing good can come from being in big crowds of people. Nothing.

  14. feralfae says:

    +1 on what Goober said. As a child, I hated crowds because of tall people, aka adults, and not being able to see things. And I am still rather short.
    As an adult, crowds mean breathing used air.
    As a more mature adult, nothing is worth enduring the bad manners, contagion, horrid parking, impossible food (most places) or cost of gatherings.
    I wonder if we will ever know the whole Truth on what happened in Las Vegas. It has false flag written all over it. All those poor people, innocently gathered to have a nice time, a nice evening, maybe a first date, maybe a night out without the kids, maybe just a bunch of friends getting together for a fun evening. All people with precious lives, just like us.
    And at its root, more evil than we can probably imagine.
    So much suffering. No matter who they are or were, they had lives that mattered to them and those who loved them.
    Long natter.

  15. larryarnold says:

    In this case, I don’t see how the victims would have been better off armed.

    As far as shooting back, you’re correct. But “armed” is a state of mind.

    San Antonio News asked a SAPD deputy chief what you can do:
    1. Know where the exits are and have a plan to get to them.
    2. Know what “cover” is and how to use it.
    3. Don’t panic. Don’t take pictures. Move.

  16. Zelda says:

    Because I have never handled an assault rifle but i have checked in to a hotel in Vegas and other places, I am totally puzzled by the fact that one person was able to check in to this hotel with TEN suitcases, probably heavier than your standard clothes and shoes, and must have had them in his room, but no one thought anything of it and his daily room service person also never noticed anything slightly odd? Even if he didn’t display them in the lobby but took them from his vehicle himself and up to his room, wouldn’t a pile of 10 heavy suitcases in his room, especially if they clunked, attract interest? Did the employees assume he was a traveling salesman or what? This seems like another instance where awareness and common sense might have helped prevent this. Or as a regular high stakes gambler, was he so well known in Vegas that no one paid attention to what he did? I am thinking of all of the perks hotels use to attract regular high stakes gamblers.
    As larryarnold wrote, situational awareness is a really good plan no matter where you are. And what Goober said.

  17. feralfae ‘more evil than we can probably imagine.’
    undoubtedly so.
    set up to try to gin up a violent response from the conservatives.
    they are trying to draw our fire so they can all out slaughter all of us.
    people with known mental health problems are slyly shepherded into committing these crimes.
    satanic machinations all around.

  18. Ben says:

    Zelda wrote: “i have checked in to a hotel in Vegas and other places, I am totally puzzled by the fact that one person was able to check in to this hotel with TEN suitcases,”
    Oh goodness, that’s the easiest part of this entire story to believe. Vegas is the land of conventions, more conventions and sales events than you can imagine! Each one of them features dozens or hundreds of companies who send grinning sales-folk who fill booths with merchandise which is either for display or for outright sale to the throngs of customers who fly in just for the event. Surely those sales-folk fill their hotel rooms with the stuff that they load into those booths.
    Further, Vegas is the land of “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”; which translates to, “in Vegas, anything goes!” Surely Vegas hotel staff are schooled in minding their own business.

    I doubt that anyone would bat an eye at ten suitcases in a hotel room, even (perhaps especially) if they were oddly shaped suitcases.

  19. Claire says:

    Armed is an attitude, as Larry says.

    Herschel Smith has a discussion going on about the behavior of the crowd once the shooting began.

    I can understand the frozen moment before they realized what was going on. But he and his commentors point out how detached from reality some of them remained even later.

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