Irony in Commerce

Meant to mention this Monday, forgot: I brought a sixpack of beer to the checkout counter. Lady (newbie, I think) asks to see my ID. I give her the stink-eye over my old-man glasses and grey beard but don’t argue. So in the same transaction I get carded for beer and also receive a senior citizen discount.

Doesn’t make a lot of sense, but whatever.

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  1. says:

    Ya we have the same thing here at supermarkets and quiki-marts. I guess it idiot proofs the process for the kids they have running the register, they have to scan an id for all beer sales. They also would not know how to make change if the magic box did not tell them how much to give back to the customer.

  2. Nothing personal Joel. I’m 68, look every bit of 68, and get carded when I buy cigarettes. Silly world.

  3. Robert says:

    Mr. Rogers: “Kids, can you say dichotomy?”.

    Walgreens recently made ID mandatory and is about to require a minimum age of 21 for ciggies.

    I buy ciggies so often that I wordlessly hold up the appropriate number of fingers and the clerk fetches ’em without asking what I want. AND he has to card me by scanning my DL every-friggin-time. I’m pushing 70…

    The idiocy of ID-for-age-at-my-age aside, I object to having to let them IDENTIFY ME for my transaction. If I want to be anonymous, I guess I hafta shop elsewhere. I’ll know they’re selling my info when I start getting crap in the mail for Camels. I don’t smoke.

    OTOH, the local liquor store has prominent signs on the self-checkout thingies saying “You must present ID etc” and I’ve never been carded. I guess I drink too much ‘cuz I don’t even turn around to let the clerk see me. I just doff my hat so he can see my hair.

  4. Joel says:

    Funny thing is I don’t know that it’s a law thing. The store used to be owned by Mormons – when I first moved here they didn’t even sell cigarettes. Only recently got a beer license, as did the dollar store across the street – which also cards me. But at the town’s only liquor store I could buy enough hard liquor to poison an entire elementary school and nobody ever wants to see ID.

  5. Robert says:

    Sounds like a corporate thing.

    ” enough hard liquor to poison an entire elementary school”
    My, you do have a way with words! 🙂

  6. Kentucky says:

    And yet another reason to favor bourbon over beer.

  7. Tennessee Budd says:

    Here in Tennessee, the law is that everybody gets carded, regardless of how they look. It’s pretty fucked up watching a twentysomething ask a WWII or Korea vet for ID.
    Yes, in a lot of ways my state is retarded.

  8. Jim Price says:

    I took my mother to World Market a few years back, and one of the things she bought was a bottle of wine. They carded her. WTF?? She was 95 years old. Being the trouble maker I am, I had a talk with the manager. I told her that if they couldn’t trust their employees to be smart enough to recognize that a 95 year old woman is over 21, they should probably rethink their hiring criteria.

  9. Ruth says:

    Its most likely a combination of things, the exact makeup of which depends on the state and the store in question. Some areas require ID on all such sales, some corporate offices require ID on all such sales: for idiot proofing things, and avoiding getting their asses sued because some cashier decided “he looked old enough” when he wasn’t, and avoiding getting their asses sued because some cashier decided to let their friend buy something that they weren’t legal for (and you know that has happened), and so on. The fact that they now get scanned in annoys me more, but that follows along with proving that said cashier actually checked ID vs making up a birthdate for the computer. It was to be expected when the .GOV started fining whole companies for inappropriate sales instead of just charging the individual cashier or manager. I don’t like it, but it was an expected step.

  10. Howard says:

    Here in Alaska the court can order you not to buy alcohol. If so, they put a prominent red stripe on your license or ID. NO ID or one with a stripe, no sale. So every one gets carded.

  11. Joel says:

    Wow. Talk about public shaming…

  12. Cederq says:

    I don’t mind getting carded, but to hell with them scanning my ID, I am paying cash and want to remain anonymous. Not get inundated with spam and every credit card and booze ads. I have walked away from buying any liqueur if the clerk has to touch my ID or is gonna scan it. Cigs and such don’t pay me any mind, I don’t smoke and I won’t buy it for anybody anyway.

  13. Robert says:

    Dunno if Walgreens actually harvests my ID along with proof of age; clerks are forced to do it.
    It still bugs me in any case.

    I don’t smoke (blech!) but get paid to go shopping (among other things) for disabled people who have difficulty shopping.

  14. Robert says:

    Howard (and Joel):
    At least it isn’t a Scarlet A embroidered on yer jacket…

  15. Kentucky says:

    . . . or yer forehead!

  16. Tennessee Budd says:

    Or a scarlet EtOH?

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