It may seem an incongruous thing for a desert hermit to say, but…

…right now I have access to an awful lot of driftwood.

It washed down from the canyons in those big floods we had in 2017 and 18. Near the cabin the wash takes a big U-turn, and when it overflowed the space between the branches of the U acted like a driftwood sieve.

Some of this stuff looks like it’s been drying in the sun for an awful lot of years, too remote in the canyons for anybody to use.

A lot of awfully straight-grained – by juniper standards – wood made the trip to my doorstep.

And it’s been on my mind all winter, since the day I cut up the last of my scrounged firewood pallets.

So this morning I tramped out there, pulled some of the easier snags apart, plotted ways to get the Jeep in there…

…and then this afternoon before chicken chores I made a couple of experimental trips in and out to see how much of a hassle it would be to gradually haul a winter’s worth to my woodlot.

If I do it just a couple of trips a week as the mood strikes and other work permits, I can easily have all the juniper-hauling work done before woodcutting season, and without the hassles and hazards involved with cutting deadwood off living trees.

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