It’s because they’re black, isn’t it?

I have to go feed chickens, then paint for a while. I thought, as I finished breakfast, “I’ll do almost anything to postpone that. What’s happening on the Internet?”

And then I saw this bit of petulant bigotry…

Report: Costco Stores Reject Gun Store’s Donation to Children’s Miracle Network

Costco stores in Citrus Heights, and Roseville, California, allegedly rejected a $500 donation for the Children’s Miracle Network because the donation came from a gun store.

The donation came from the Sacramento Black Rifle (SBR) gun store. SBR “generously gives to the Children’s Miracle Network via the wholesale retailer” and “they get a banner in the store” in return. But this year’s donation to the Citrus Heights Costco was allegedly returned and the SBR banner was removed.

Y’know what? Screw it. Going out and painting things green on this pretty Spring day sounds a helluva lot better than sitting inside and reading this shit over and over. I don’t know how you guys even live out there, most days.

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One Response to It’s because they’re black, isn’t it?

  1. Robert says:

    OMG. Now if it were dirty drug money I could maybe see not wanting to accept. I am inspired to take my rifle which looks remarkably like the one in the graphic and let loose five or thirty rounds just because. Drat, maybe later; Mr. Farmer is on his tractor out in the field which is our backstop. Oh, well.

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