“It’s helpful to hear you say it out loud…”

…Says Jim Treacher at the DC Trawler.

Here’s a video of a U.S. congressman getting caught saying something he thinks is true.

I’m tellin’ ya, people. Spinning blades are the way to go.

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5 Responses to “It’s helpful to hear you say it out loud…”

  1. Anonymous says:

    F U C K. Ok so why have a Constition if it limits nothing? Seriously. It’s obvious that Pete is off his meds but geeze o pete. Basic logic is beyond this guy.

  2. Anonymous says:

    yeah, the parasite has been re elected for what 13 terms? Explain that.

  3. GunRights4US says:

    Why isn’t he and several hundred others like him dangling from light poles around the country!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’m not sure GunRights. Part of me thinks that Pete could get lost being dragged to his own light pole party. I’m waiting for him to say something, “Is this the Red Lobster buffet?” and then shit his Depends.

  5. Same song, 1,452nd verse. Or something like that.

    (Hey, at least she didn’t get Tased like Andrew Meyer did. Perhaps she should consider herself lucky?)

    They can say it, or not, their choice. Most of us have already cast our lots–one way or the other–and are already betting on the outcome.

    Nothin’ personal there, Petey. Just ‘no’.

To the stake with the heretic!