It’s hot.

That’s not the outside temperature. That’s the inside temperature. I’m hot, and sweaty, and tired, and sore, and (LB will attest to this) grouchy.

Spent a couple of hours fixing some dumb mistakes on my foundation job this morning, then (between Ghost walkies) drove to Landlady’s barn to get the floor underlayment. Now dig this:

I’ve got five sheets of heavy roofing. Eight sheets of OSB sheathing. Five sheets of plywood. Eight sheets of T1-11. Four sheets of 3/4″ T&G underlayment. Of all that, I would obviously need the underlayment first, right? Since I’m building the addition from the floor up?

But you already know where in the stack those four sheets were.

About halfway through this excavation I got a phone call from D&L. They’d been pouring a slab by their new hitching post and had already told me the Monday water run would be late. So now they told me they were done, and would be ready to go around 12:30. Looked at the clock on the phone, and it was about quarter to twelve. So forget the underlayment, I need to get LB back to the Lair and grab a bite of lunch. Loaded the empty water bottles and jerry cans in the Jeep and booked it to meet D&L.

It was already getting hot. The temperature reading on their instrument panel bounced between 99 and 100 degrees. Seemed like everything was going too slow. There was a new girl at the food market, and she wanted to card me for the 12-pack of cheap Miller which was the only thing I bought other than 9 gallons of water. I haven’t been tempted to beat up a pretty young girl since maybe middle school but I don’t do ID cards and I intended to leave with that 12-pack. It’s hot, hon. Don’t get in my way. The manager just glanced over at me and D and L and said, “They’re in here all the time. Pretty sure they’re all of age.”

Finally got back to D&L’s place and loaded the Jeep with gasoline and water and beer, and that only started the rush. I was already late for Ghost’s walky, so rather than taking the wash to the Lair like usual I went by the roundabout but faster roads to S&L’s. Ghost was fast asleep and seemed surprised to see me, but once awake was amenable to going out for a squirt.

Then back to Landlady’s because I still needed that underlayment. Now the temperature was really blazing and it seemed as though while I was gone somebody had added about fifty pounds to every sheet of everything. By the time I got the four sheets I needed on the trailer I was staggering. I left the tailgate off the trailer, securing the sheets with a tie-down strap, and very slowly drove to the Lair. Then – even more slowly and with much groaning and swearing – I unloaded the underlayment to its permanent home, more or less…

…and that’s all the work I’m doing for the rest of the day. I need to go see Ghost again right now, and then I think I’m off the hook for the rest of the day because S&L will be home this evening.

I have to do the Ghost thing again tomorrow, because they have to go to the city to get L’s mother, but then that’ll be the end of all the commuting. Right now, though, I have one more trip and then it’s lukewarm Miller time.

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6 Responses to It’s hot.

  1. billf says:

    Joel, would it be ridiculous to suggest that you buy a big block of ice when you go to town,and put it in a yeti (or equivalent ) cooler so you at least had a cold beer for a couple days? It’s SO much better cold,even if it’s not sustainable.

  2. Tennessee Budd says:

    A decade or so ago, TN enacted a law requiring ID for all alcohol purchases, regardless of the buyer’s apparent age. I’ve seen a very old man in a “WWII VETERAN” cap carded. Pisses me right the fuck off.
    I love Tennessee. I had intended to die here, just not right away, but they’re making it harder to stay. I know, it’s not a big complaint, but they don’t do big things, just this little shit, & it adds up.

  3. Joel says:

    billf, I was kidding about the lukewarm thing. Ian has a perfectly good refrigerator just over the ridge from me, and things have been ever so much more comfortable since it arrived. :) I even have cold cranberry juice in there now, which is ambrosia on a hot afternoon.

  4. Judy says:

    Joel have you considered building a swamp cooler similar to the one that John Wells has over at the Field Lab?

    Link to the playlist:

    It might be nice having a place that’s even 15-20 degrees cooler than outside, since you have some extra battery power and solar panels.

  5. Joel says:

    It’s something I should probably consider again, as you say I have better power now. Wouldn’t be necessary to build one, I’ve scrapped out a few and could probably find another.

    Funny, I was thinking along similar lines just now, logging the effect of a window fan on my nighttime battery power.

  6. Robert says:

    A) Your life is too complicated.

    B) The local booze store has never carded me. This means either A) I’m obviously ‘way old or B) there way too frequently. Sigh.

    C) I hope you have a cold cranberry drink soon.

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