I’ve really come to look forward to these.

Ian and his friend Karl often do “spy vs. spy” comparisons of historical weapon systems at their club’s monthly 2-gun match. The results can be entertaining as well as educational. This month it’s No4 MkI (T) Enfield sniper with a 3.5x No.32 scope vs. Mauser K98k with a 1.5x ZF41 designated marksman’s optic. Not quite as goofy as some they’ve done together, but still interesting.

A few weeks ago Ian had the Enfield out here at the Gulch to zero the scope, and I must say it’s a pleasure to shoot compared to some WWII battle rifles. Really nice trigger, and the scope ain’t bad.

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  1. MJR says:

    You are righ about thee enfield. A couple of decades ago for $200 I was lucky enough to pick up a No 4 Mk2 that was new/unfired. It was part of a sale to local gun dealers by Crown Assets to get rid of some war stock.

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