Jeep parts information bleg

I got the driver door inside latch handle fixed back in July but the guy couldn’t really get it working right because the hinges are bent and the upper one is cracked to where straightening it might just break it. I’ve grown so used to reaching out the window and opening with the (much more robust) outside handle that it took this cold snap to remind me to finish fixing the door. And to fix the door I need to replace the hinges.

But I don’t buy much online, outside of Amazon. What is a good parts outlet I can use to get new door hinges for a Wrangler?

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10 Responses to Jeep parts information bleg

  1. Steelheart says:

    I ordered stuff from Quadratec years back when I had my TJ.

  2. Jim Price says:

    You can actually get a lot of parts from Amazon. Other than that my go-to is Rock Auto.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Not sure if these will work for you, but these were on Amazon.

    I have a TJ and I use Quadratec for parts, great prices and great customer service..

  4. Eric says:

    We have a local place here called FN Jeep. As far as I know they sell new and used Jeep parts. I’ve never used them as I don’t and never have had a Jeep but some people I know swear by them. YMMV.

  5. Winston Smith says:

    Been many many days ago but I used to mail order from JC Whitney when I was younger. They may not even still be around for all I know.

  6. DWW says:

    Another vote for Rock Auto. They’ve often got a broad range of mfg’s and price range of each part, essentially you can pick your quality depending on your budget.

  7. KurtP says:

    That way you’re not giving some super rich Liberal even more money to screw you over.

  8. Spud says:

    Dunno about Jeep door handles but inside Toyota ones suck !
    I have a 92 Toyota mini truck , still has original door handles …my wife has a 2000 we bought new , yet it seems to break the inside door latches about once a year !
    How can it be that my old 92 still has the originals ?
    Guess I’ve got the magic touch eh…

  9. Kentucky says:

    Magic touch, indeed.

    Some folks merely pull the little handle gently until the latch releases. Others, for some reason, seem to feel it’s necessary to YANK on the handle every time they open the door. These latter ones also seem to think it’s necessary to SLAM the door every time they get out, or in. No subtlety at all.

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